10 Oct 16

Rioting, without end!

Being “anti-police” is now “politically correct!”

BHO, HRC and their BLM “movement” have created the nationwide anti-LE environment that recently caused a Chicago PD officer to decline to defend herself from a crazed, murderous attacker, with nearly fatal results. She was beaten to within an inch of her life. Her assailant was unharmed!

LE officers, and lawfully-armed citizens, dread being “second-guessed” by ageing flower-children, who believe any use of defensive force against their precious rioters is criminal, and thus any user of force needs to be punished. This anti-use-of-force-against-violent-criminals dogma is deliberately promoted by self-righteous liberals and cop-hating mobs whom leftist politicians jubilantly incite to riot.

Police “response-times” are way up. Seasoned police officers are leaving the profession by legions. Pro-active policing is now a thing of the past. Criminal violence is also way up, and getting worse by the day.

As long as leftists remain in power, they will purposely use mobsters and rioters as “street power” to intimidate, punish, and terrorize political opponents. The tactic is a Marxist staple! Chairman Mao used his infamous “Red Guard” in the 1960s for the exact same purpose.

It’s only just begun!

“‘Rules’ come and go, and are constantly tinkered with to sooth pseudo-intellectual liberals who order war, but never participate”

An Old Soldier