6 Oct 16

Who Really “Needs” Guns?

With many of my friends and colleagues down in South FL currently dealing with Hurricane Matthew, some have reminded me:

What the media is not reporting is the numerous criminal gangs who are staying behind with the intent of looting abandoned homes in the wake of the current mass evacuation.

When you have no choice but to confront these gang members, there will be no police to summon, nor any other sort of societal “protection.” You’ll be dangerously isolated and on your own, and when they murder you, your body will likely never be found!

You’ll need a good, military rifle and the knowledge and skill to use it effectively in order to efficaciously protect yourself from these opportunistic, merciless, unrestrained predators.

Naive, “wine & cheese” liberals, who have never had this frightening personal experience may have difficulty imagining what it is like, but it will all become real enough to many on the East Coast, starting now! The foolishly unprepared will not do well!

When cynically asked by sleazy, leftist politicians, “Why do you ‘need’ military rifles?” those currently in the middle of this disaster will have the answer, in spades (at least those who live through it)!

Happily, my friends and students are heavily armed, highly skilled, and extremely dangerous!

They’ll do just fine!

“So let the wild circle of argument rage
On what wins, as war comes and goes.
Many new theories briefly hold center stage
But the man with the rifle… knows!”