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Last Qip of 2014!

31 Dec 14 Last Quip of 2014: “It is true that liberty is precious … so precious it must be rationed.” Nikolai Lenin ( Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov ) Many naive liberals believe classical Communism really does “work.” They argue that the only problem with Communism, as commonly practiced, is that all the wrong people (like […]

Arma Virumque Cano

28 Dec 14 “Arma Virumque Cano” Translates to: “I sing of arms and of a man.” Book 1, Line 1 from Virgil’s “Aeneid” Two decades BC, Roman Poet, Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil), used the above line to reintroduce the Roman world, in poetic form, to “Aeneas,” a wandering adventurer whose descendants, according to legend, founded […]

“Little Mistakes”

26 Dec 14 “Only the mediocre are ‘always at their best.’” Jean Giraudoux Professional golfers, NFL head coaches, criminal defense attorneys, and seasoned Operators all unite in this advice: “It’s never the ‘great shots’ that save you. It’s always the ‘little mistakes’ that kill you!” “Hail-Mary” passes, the smashingly clever comeback during cross-examination, and the […]

They Are on the March!

24 Dec 14 “Only a fool neglects the keenness of his blade, in the self-deceptive hope that his enemy’s blade has also dulled.” Wiggington Martyrdom Anyone? “Boko Haram,” a notorious assemblage of Islamic gangsters in central Africa, just proudly released a video depicting them slaughtering children and adults, by the hundreds, probably in Nigeria. Most […]

“Divine” Protection?

20 Dec 14 “‘One, with God, is always a majority,’ or, so goes the platitude, but many have been burned at the stake- while votes were still being counted!” TB Reed Religion and Personal Preparedness: (Be patient. It will take me a moment to get to the point!) At my Training Sessions, I try hard […]

Res ipsa loquitur, “The thing speaks for itself. It is self-evident.”

19 Dec 14 “I believe and profess that a people must never value anything higher than dignity and freedom; that it must defend these with the last drop of its blood; that it has no duty more sacred and can obey no higher law, that the shame of a cowardly submission can never be wiped […]

This dies! That goes his way!

16 Dec 14 Six die. But, this one goes his way! On Monday, a man walking his dog in the Philadelphia, PA area was approached by a knife-wielding VCA, who threatened him and demanded he surrender keys to his car. Instead of meekly complying, this dog-walker quickly produced a pistol and fired at the VCA, […]

“Youmaynot Philosophy”

15 Dec 14 “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our political opponents have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?” Joe Stalin (so eloquently articulating the “Youmaynot Philosophy!”) Australia this time! Most of this day, I’ve listened to hand-wringing commentators on many networks, including Fox News, agonizing about how to […]

I Can!

11 Dec 14 “I wish to preach, not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life; the life of toil and effort; of labor and strife; to preach that highest form of success which comes, not to the man who desires mere easy peace, but to the man who does not […]

Out West!

10 Dec 14 “History does not entrust the care of Freedom to the weak, nor timid” Eisenhower From a friend and colleague in UT: “Two Russians visited us last week. They were aghast at life beyond New Jersey! They stopped moving west way too soon Often, immigrants get to our East Coast, and settle there. […]

Can We Have Loaded Guns Now?

9 Dec 14 “… Tomorrow was made for some Tomorrow may never come, for all we know” From “For All We know”, written in 1970 by Fred Karlin for the feature film “Lovers and Other Strangers.” Best rendering was Welch singer, Shirley Bassey’s, in 1971. Shirley Bassey was most famous for her rendition of “Goldfinger,” […]

Woefully ignorant, or willfully ignorant?

5 Dec 14 “Cold-Range Mentality” This from a friend and student in the security business: “… my ‘trainer,’ one of the senior fellows at this facility, asked me about the condition of readiness of my sidearm (G23). I informed him that it was loaded and ready for serious business. He and another co-worker then arrogantly […]

Perfectly Useless!

4 Dec 14 “A gun that is perfectly safe, is perfectly useless!” Cooper NDs in “forward areas:” Since 2007, there have been 126 “reported” NDs in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). Three deaths, and eleven other (non-fatal) injuries. However, those are just the ones that were “reported.” You can probably multiply that by at least ten […]

… without even trying!

1 Dec 14 Once again, DHS and the FBI are sounding the alarm, warning active-duty, and retired, LE and military personnel not to expose on-line profiles openly. ISIS spokesman, Mohammad al-Adnani, said this in late September: “Kill the disbeliever, whether civilian or military, for they have the same ruling. Both of them are disbelievers.” For […]