16 Dec 14

Six die. But, this one goes his way!

On Monday, a man walking his dog in the Philadelphia, PA area was approached by a knife-wielding VCA, who threatened him and demanded he surrender keys to his car.

Instead of meekly complying, this dog-walker quickly produced a pistol and fired at the VCA, who immediately fled. Dog-walker was unharmed. Whether or not the VCA was actually hit by the dog-walker’s bullet(s) is unknown.

The VCA in question committed suicide shortly thereafter.

There is a lesson here:

This VCA had just murdered six people, his estranged wife and five of her relatives. The issue was apparently a child-custody dispute.

Victims were attacked at night by this murderer, in their own home. I don’t know any details, but they obviously didn’t live through it!

Yet, one armed person, walking his dog- a routine activity, when confronted and assaulted by this multiple murderer, successfully repelled the attack and attempted intimidation. At the time, it is unlikely the dog-walker knew whom this person was.

This man, out casually walking his dog, was armed and prepared!

He is alive today. Six homicide victims aren’t!

The point is:

Never depend upon a “guardian angel,” or some other delusional fantasy. That is the exclusive dominion of fools! When your very life is threatened, you, and only you, will be in a position to effectively act in your own behalf. The window will be short, a second or two, and you will either act boldly, or freeze/panic. Either way, the outcome may be an unhappy one.

But, if history has taught us anything, it is:

“Who dare, prevail!”

That is the motto of Icans!

“Success is the child of audacity.”

Benjamin Disraeli