31 Dec 14

Last Quip of 2014:

“It is true that liberty is precious … so precious it must be rationed.”

Nikolai Lenin ( Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov )

Many naive liberals believe classical Communism really does “work.” They argue that the only problem with Communism, as commonly practiced, is that all the wrong people (like Lenin) have been in charge so far!

Their persistent wet-dream of a collectivist utopia has, like Islam, taken on religious trappings, which is why they never tolerate dissent. And, like Islam, Communism (“classical” or otherwise) is little more than a decrepit excuse for institutionalized slavery, on a massive scale, and has never been anything else!

I remember seven years ago, when BHO was universally hailed by the liberal media, and liberals everywhere, as the “Messiah,” the one unblemished world leader, who had no flaws, and who would finally make classical Communism really “work.”

Seven years later, the blush is off the rose! Even the media has lost faith. Professing liberals across the nation are suddenly developing amnesia (as they always do) with regard to their previous blind, fanatic support of this dimpled darling who could do no wrong. They are having to admit, if only to themselves, that this president, and his gaggle of mealy-mouthed lackeys, are little more than lawless fascists, liars, and sleazy con-men.

In 1941, Hitler said of Stalin’s Soviet Union, on the eve of Operation Barbarossa, “… all we have to do is kick-in the door, and the whole rotten structure will come tumbling down!” ISIS, and the rest of the world’s Moslem “thugocracies,” are currently looking at the USA, and all of Western Civilization, with the same scornful contempt, and obviously not without good reason!

Kipling’s “terror and slaughter” are returning, just as he predicted.

2015 will be an exciting year!

Operators will, as always, advance the Art through personal example, with duty and honor as our lifestyle by choice, and do our best to enlighten as many of the worthy as we can.

We’ll always be a minority!

“The good man need not think beforehand of his words, that they may be sincere, nor of his actions that they may be honorable… he simply speaks and does what is right.”

Mencius, 372-289 BC

Sheep are slaughtered. Wolves are hunted. All deaths are not equivalent.

Victory is the only reality in the universe!