10 Dec 14

“History does not entrust the care of Freedom to the weak, nor timid”


From a friend and colleague in UT:

“Two Russians visited us last week. They were aghast at life beyond New Jersey! They stopped moving west way too soon Often, immigrants get to our East Coast, and settle there.

Big mistake!

‘You mean here in UT you can just waltz into a gunstore and buy a gun, or several? No permit? Scant paperwork? No waiting period? No anal examination?’

‘You mean any good citizen can demand a CCW permit from the state, without proving his affiliation with the ruling party?’

On the way home, they took pictures of our 80-mph speed limit signs!

‘In UT, and most western states, a non-government-employee can drive down a federal highway at eighty mph, carrying a privately-owned, loaded pistol(s) on his person, with a privately-owned AR (or several) in his trunk, and not fear tyrannical molestation?

How cool is that?’

I made it a point to take them into a well-stocked Cabellas.

Outside the store, I said ‘Do you hear that? Silence! No gunfights here, in spite of all these privately-owned guns in the hands of ordinary Utahans.

Imagine that!’

By comparison, NJ’s western boundary represents the ‘Iron Curtain.’”

Comment: NJ has a professing “Republican” as governor, and he wants to be president!

“Who asks of Freedom anything other than Freedom itself, is destined to be a slave”