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2014 ILEETA Conference

29 Mar 14 The 2014 ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators’ and Trainers’ Association) Convention, this year in Lombard, IL, just concluded today. Both Vicki and I presented Classes, participated in panel-discussions, and we both attended as many other classes as we could. Some were lecture format at the host hotel, and others were range program […]

The Fall of Rome!

27 Mar 14 “What assurance have we that our masters will, or can, keep the promise which induced us to sell ourselves? Have we discovered some new reason why, this time, power should not corrupt as it has done before?” CS Lewis CA Senator Diane Feinstein, a steadfast defender of the intelligence community’s programs to […]

When it’s least expected…!

24 Mar 14 Curious weapon stoppage, from a colleague: “Last week, I was using my H&K MP5, with dummy rounds, while instructing students in stoppage-reduction. At the end of my demonstration, one dummy round was missing, and I could not find it anywhere. I gave up my search, assuming it would show up later. Saturday […]

The Essence of War

17 Mar 14 Follow-up on war-winning rifles: To quote Hitler: “When you win, you need not explain. When you lose, you will not be there to explain!” I might add: … nor would anyone care, even if you were! Some of what follows is controversial, but this issue needs to see the light of day, […]

Historical Perspective

14 Mar 14 “A people that values its privileges above its principles, soon loses both!” Eisenhower We have to go all the way back to Nikita Khrushchev to find a Russian leader as tough as Vlad P! On this side, we have no one on-par, nor on the horizon (either side of the aisle), nor […]


12 Mar 14 “Habit with him was all the test of truth ‘It must be right. I’ve done it from my youth!’” George Crabbe Hard lessons! The CA Highway Patrol “Newhall Incident” of 6 Apr 1970 turned out to be a watershed event in American police culture and, more than any other single officer-fatality instance, […]

Hero of the Era!

10 Mar 14 Accidental Hero! “Ah, stardom! They put your name on a star in the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard, and you walk down and find a pile of dog manure on it. That tells the whole story, Baby!” Lee Marvin, US Marine, WWII hero, later Hollywood actor famous for “tough guy” portrayals. Exploits of […]


7 Mar 14 Update from friends in NY: We see this verbiage over and over when leftist gun-haters are arguing for new restrictions on citizens: ‘… important governmental interest in public safety and crime control’ Curiously, we never hear about ‘… individual rights guaranteed to the private citizen’ It always about ‘powers,’ never ‘rights!’ Government […]

7.62×39 shortage

7 Mar 14 With the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Vlad P has decided to halt exports of Russian-made small-arms ammunition to the USA. Most domestic ammunition shortages associated fears over gun-control legislation had been alleviated over the past few months. But, now this new development is currently generating fresh shortages, mostly of 7.62×39. AK owners […]

“Don’t worry! No one will ever come and take your guns”

5 Mar 14 Developments in NY, from friends there: “NYC officials will not renew licenses for citizens who have certain guns which were previously, duly registered, and were supposedly ‘grandfathered-in,’ but are now ‘not approved’ for possession by private citizens. So, the logical progression from registration, to confiscation, is now plain to see. However, the […]

Boberg XR9-S

4 Mar 14 Boberg XR9-S Pistol I’ve been carrying my XR9-S, as a back-up, for several weeks, and I’ve had the opportunity to run some rounds through it. My friend and colleague, Brian Hoffner, made me a wonderful IWB “J-Hook” holster, so I can comfortably carry it on my left side. I really like the […]

The Fall of Rome!

4 Mar 14 Additional comments on Russia and Ukraine, from friend in a position to know: “Russia’s conventional military power is substantial, vastly exceeding ours! Unlike Western nations, Vlad P has hundreds of thousands of Ivans and Sergeis who will stand on a cold, Crimean street corner, or a street corner anywhere else, and say, […]

Neville, where are you?

4 Mar 14 More comments on Ukraine, from colleagues: Seeing that promises of “protection” from the USA aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, Japan now realizes that America has no intention of defending them from a nuclear China, regardless of all the flowery “agreements” and “treaties.” So, we can expect Japan to go nuclear […]

The Ukraine

3 Mar 14 Comments on the Ukraine, from friend in the UK: “Reactions of world ‘leaders:’ BHO- Hollow rhetoric. Sounds like a loser at poker trying pitifully to rationalize his weak play. Before long, I’m sure we’ll hear about ‘… peace in our time!’ David C- Subtle (albeit empty) threats, also absurd. Currently, the UK […]