24 Mar 14

Curious weapon stoppage, from a colleague:

“Last week, I was using my H&K MP5, with dummy rounds, while instructing students in stoppage-reduction. At the end of my demonstration, one dummy round was missing, and I could not find it anywhere. I gave up my search, assuming it would show up later.

Saturday I attended rifle competition, and used my same MP5. The gun was loaded, and I was ready to go. I stepped up to the line, and went to engage my first two targets. I pressed the trigger and nothing happened. No ‘click!’ Just a slack trigger. I immediately ejected the chambered round and attempted to fire again. No discharge, just a slack trigger. I changed magazines and ran the bolt once more. Same result!

The referee stopped the drill and told me to check my gun. When I opened it up, to my astonishment, I discovered the ‘missing’ dummy round lodged in the trigger mechanism. It was preventing the hammer from falling normally. I haven’t the foggiest idea how it ever found its way in there!

I removed the errant dummy round, and the MP5 was instantly restored to normal operation.

I successfully re-did the drill, but, in a real situation, I would be either dead, or I would have transitioned to my pistol (which I wasn’t wearing for the exercise)

I never thought anything like that could happen!”


“When it’s least expected, you’re elected!”

I’ve personally never seen this particular circumstance, but it reminds us all that you never carry a rifle (or any longarm) and fail to carry at least one pistol too. Transitioning from rifle to pistol instantly is a critical component of all serious rifle training!