29 Mar 14

The 2014 ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators’ and Trainers’ Association) Convention, this year in Lombard, IL, just concluded today. Both Vicki and I presented Classes, participated in panel-discussions, and we both attended as many other classes as we could.

Some were lecture format at the host hotel, and others were range program at various police ranges in the area. My Patrol Rifle Class was way up north at the Lake County SO’s wonderful outdoor range in Gurnee, IL.

There was also, as always, an extensive vendor show and video-simulator demonstrations by various manufacturers. Of note:

Mossberg’s new 930 SPX autoloading shotgun, basically a “poor man’s” Benelli M2, was on display. It has all the right features. I might have to get a copy!

Blackhawk’s “EPOCH” duty holster. Excellent combination of speed and retention!

S&W’s “TS” is an M4 set-up the way I like it!

Harvey Hedden and his wonderful staff heroically organize this superb opportunity every year, and all LEO trainers should be attending. One big reason is that Glock, Ruger, Springfield Armory, and SIG all put-on Armorers’ Programs on-location, at the Conference, so attendees can, in a single week in one place, become Certified Armorers for all four manufacturers. An opportunity not to be missed!

This year, a continual theme from many presenters is the tacit willingness of politicians, even some chiefs of police, to do nothing as police officers are maimed and murdered, all in a shameful effort to curry political favor with outlaw constituencies, including illegal aliens and violent criminals. Officers are told not to shoot certain minorities, no matter what! They are expected to expose themselves to suicidal risk, rather than use force on certain “special categories” of citizens. When they do shoot, in a desperate effort to keep themselves from being murdered, departments often throw them to the wolves, providing no support of any kind. Conversely, foolish officers who refuse to shoot, even when desperately necessary to preserve innocent life, are showered with special recognition, instead of being fired as they should be! We heard examples of this repeatedly, from the mouths of the victim officers themselves.

Responding to that unhappy development is the “Below 100 Movement” The last time the number of American police officers killed in the line of duty in a single year was fewer than 100 was 1948! The goal of this Movement is to get that number below 100 once more! Emphasis is on encouraging the routine wearing a body armor and seat-belts, good individual and team tactics, and non-hesitation when confronting deadly violence.

For the first time in years, 9mm (9×19) is now the most common police pistol caliber. The 40S&W has been dethroned, at least for now. Cost of ammunition, intemperate recoil, wear-and-tear on guns, and improvements in terminal performance are reasons most cited for the change.

There were classes on legal issues, trauma care, nutrition, training innovations, mechanics of arrest, application of handcuffs, baton technique, OC, Tasers, other force options, verbalizations, police management, media relations, driving, mental health issues, SWAT deployment and tactics, interrogation techniques, dog encounters, search techniques, concealed carry, women’s issues, duty-belt layout, pre-assaultive tells, modern terrorism, IT security, police intelligence, et al. Also armorers’ certification, as mentioned above. I did my best to look-in on as many as I could!

In the world of illegal drugs, heroin has made a come-back. It is back in style in many metro areas, displacing cocaine as the number-one illegal drug problem. As marijuana is progressively being portrayed at harmless, dealers are now lacing it with heroin in an effort to persuade its users to become full-time addicts. “Recreational” users of addictive drugs do not enjoy my sympathy in any event!

Next year’s Conference will be in the same place. Attendance is highly recommended!