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28 Feb 14 Correction: In my last Quip about “wars” we’re too proud to lose, but too timid to win: “… knowing immaculate” should read “… knowingly emasculate” I shouldn’t do theses so late at night! Thanks to all for your kind indulgence. /John

Winning Wars!

27 Feb 14 “To Win a War” During the earlier part of the last century, individual military equipment, particularly rifles, light machineguns, bayonets, et al were designed with one goal in mind: To win wars- decisively, and permanently! Infantrymen, right down to the squad-level, were trained to, and expected to, have the ability and will, […]

“Don’t worry. You’re safe here!”

25 Feb 14 “A free society is a place where it’s safe to be unpopular.” Adlai Stevenson “Free men bear arms” Cooper In Damaturu, Nigeria yesterday “gunmen” from an Islamist group, called “Boko Haram,” stormed a boarding school overnight and murdered at least thirty children. In the process, the school building itself was burned, and […]

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24 Feb 14 Tom Givens’ 2104 “Polite Society” Event is now over. This was the best one yet! Eloquently organized and packed with excellent, well-prepared, and authoritative presentations, this Event is well worth attending by all Operators. I shot the live-fire challenge yesterday. I had several moments of brilliance and several others of dashed expectations! […]

2014 Polite Society!

21 Feb 14 “Polite Society” Event, Memphis, TN, 2014 Once again, we’re all gathered at Tom Givens’ Rangemaster facility for the annual “Polite Society” get-together. As with the equally-famous NTI in PA, several of us are lecturing, and there is an individual shooting event in which we all participate. I shoot on Sunday. Today, there […]

The Winds!

17 Feb 14 “… the winds that will blow then!” Even as a non-lawyer, it disturbers me when our Chief Executive regularly displays disdainful contempt for laws duly passed by his own Congress, according to the provisions of our Constitution, which they all took an oath to, and piously profess to “uphold and defend.” He […]

Body Armor

16 Feb 14 Body-Armor Many of our non-LEO students ask me about body-armor. Invented several decades ago by my friend, Dick Davis, “soft” body-armor has since become standard equipment for uniformed patrol officers, and has saved many lives. Its worth is no longer “theoretical!” My non-LEO students want to know if they should buy it […]

“Good Cause?”

13 Feb 14 The inherently fraudulent “good cause” argument: Today, the 9th Circuit Court struck-down a CA law which universally prohibited the carrying of guns in public by all, except those who supposedly demonstrate “good cause” that they should be able to exercise a right (in CA a “privilege”) enjoyed by most other Americans. The […]

TSA Story!

12 Feb 14 TSA “Experience” In the consulting business, I fly commercially a lot, usually several dozen times per year. Not nearly as much as some, but it seems like a lot to me! I always have guns with me, in my checked baggage. Rarely is there any issue, and airline employees in most airports […]

Vehicle Defense!

10 Feb 14 Vehicle Defense: We just finished a two-day Vehicle Defense Course down here in FL. Our “prop-car” was a Jaguar, of all choices! Students brought both rifles and pistols, and we did many drills fighting from within, and around, the car. We also practiced getting in and out quickly, and in the correct […]

More on the 7.62×35 (300 Blk)

7 Feb 14 Sage comments on the 7.62×35 (300 Blk) from friends in a position to know: From Alex Robinson, of Robinson Armament, makers of the famous XCR Rifle Series: “We have been working on the 300 Blk for some time. We could have begun shipping copies months ago. However, our goal was to make […]

Rifle Caliber Trends!

6 Feb 14 Rifle Caliber Trends: I talked today with a friend who works in nuclear security at a major installation. He is proposing to his superiors converting all existing ARs, currently chambered in 5.56×45 (223), to 7.62×35 (300 Blk) caliber. It will involve swapping barrels only. Existing magazines will all work, as will existing […]


5 Feb 14 Our Country! This, from a friend who is here as a resident alien: “I’ve lived in your country for a number of years, and I love it as much as my own. Why any reasonable person could even imagine that I would be somehow ‘offended’ by Americans celebrating their own history and […]