21 Feb 14

“Polite Society” Event, Memphis, TN, 2014

Once again, we’re all gathered at Tom Givens’ Rangemaster facility for the annual “Polite Society” get-together.

As with the equally-famous NTI in PA, several of us are lecturing, and there is an individual shooting event in which we all participate. I shoot on Sunday.

Today, there were a number of presentations, from holster selection, to stopping-power, to active murderer procedure, to challenges faced by women shooters, to differences between military and domestic training, to OC effectiveness, to LEOSA details, to tactical treatment of gunshot wounds. My subject was “Trends in Urban Rifles and Methods.” Once again, mine was the only lecture that was not augmented with Powerpoint!

Lots of old friends here. Nearly two hundred participants. Everyone is armed, mostly concealed, but not all. It is wonderful to be among such devoted students of our Art!

Dinner tonight was at the famous “Leonard’s BBQ.” I shouldn’t eat so much!

An encouraging observation: A significant increase in female participation over years past! And, these gals are not here as mere accompaniments to their male counterparts. They are all active participants and colleagues in their own right, all armed like the rest of us, all eager to learn and grow in our Art. We are all delighted to have them here!

This is an event I recommend to all serious students of our Art!

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