25 Feb 14

“A free society is a place where it’s safe to be unpopular.”

Adlai Stevenson

“Free men bear arms”


In Damaturu, Nigeria yesterday “gunmen” from an Islamist group, called “Boko Haram,” stormed a boarding school overnight and murdered at least thirty children. In the process, the school building itself was burned, and some likely died in the fire. No police ever arrived to protect the children!

“Boko Haram” loosely translates to, “Western Education is Sinful.” The Islamic group also regularly kidnaps scores of young girls for the purpose of sexual slavery.

The foregoing courtesy of, “The Religion of Peace!”

Several obvious observations and conclusions:

1) Gunmen: Plural. A loosely organized massacre involving many thugs with guns, almost certainly AKs.

2) Some died in the school building as it burned: The tactic is to herd/frighten victims into a building, and then set it on fire. As terrified victims try to escape, they are gunned-down. It is a tactic for exterminating pesky non-moslems that is, by no means, “new.” The murderers were apparently not worried in the slightest about anyone, official or not, interfering!

Thus, “taking cover” in a building and then naively waiting for “help” proved a poor plan in this case!

3) The claimed title of “Western Education is Sinful” should be a clue! With a name like that, most will conclude that “negotiating” with Westerners is not their speciality!

4) Preying on unarmed civilians: They make easy, “soft” targets for murderous ideologues. High body-count massacres, with scant risk to the murderers.

5) Utter failure of the military and police to protect unarmed citizens: Innocent citizens in Nigeria have been long-since forcibly disarmed, “for their own good,” of course, by the government, a typical “thugoracy.” The “failure” noted above is mostly a function of complete disinterest!

6) We can expect this kind of institutionalized brutality anywhere Islamics, or totalitarians in general, hold sway.

The observant among us had better conclude that all attempts to “disarm” civilians are merely to make wholesale slaughter easier and less risky for the murderers, all their current, flowery rhetoric aside! Who advocate forced disarmament are all calculating murderer wannabes, every one of them, including many leftists over here. This is why “learned helplessness” has taken on religious trappings with the political left. Never doubt it!

How many historical examples “disarm and then slaughter” do you need?

“Balthasar is a good man. But, until all men are like him, we must keep our swords bright!”

Sheik Ilderim (played by Hugh Griffith) in the 1959 feature film “Ben Hur,” staring Charlton Heston