24 Feb 14

Tom Givens’ 2104 “Polite Society” Event is now over.

This was the best one yet! Eloquently organized and packed with excellent, well-prepared, and authoritative presentations, this Event is well worth attending by all Operators.

I shot the live-fire challenge yesterday. I had several moments of brilliance and several others of dashed expectations! Challengers had the opportunity to move, use cover, and shoot at mannequins that “went down” when hit well, and enough.

I found at ranges exceeding six meters, my RMR-equipped M&P was wonderful, as I could see all around the dot. At close range, on at least one occasion I had difficulty finding the dot, and it caused a slight delay in delivering the first shot. I’m still training myself to deftly use the System!

I recommend this Event to all aspiring Operators. Not to be missed!