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Curved 20-round AR magazines?

29 June 13 These historical comments on AR magazines, from friend and colleague, Pat Sweeney “When people started asking (once again) for 20-round AR magazines, manufacturers had on-hand only stamping-dies for 30-round magazines, as no one had wanted 20s for years! It was easiest, as a short-term solution, to simply block existing dies, in order […]

Anti-Gun Prosecutors

25 June 13 I do not currently have an opinion on the Zimmerman Case, now being prosecuted in FL, but it is curious that, in his opening arguments, the prosecutor brutally vilified the practice of citizens going armed, even though the practice is perfectly legal. He made a big deal about the fact that, at […]

Ominous warning, from a higher-up IT friend

24 June 13 Ominous warning, from a higher-up IT friend: “I was recently sent to and expensive, high-end ‘executive-development course’ with a vendor who purports to discover and refine ‘executive qualities’ of up-and-comers within large corporations. I was subjected to a barrage of ‘personality inventory’ tests, as well as multiple interviews with counselors and evaluators. […]

AR Magazines

24 June 13 In Vietnam in 1968, I never saw a 30-round magazine for our M16s. We only had the 20-round variety. 30-rounders came along later. Today, my preference for ARs, XCRs, SIG/556s, Tavors, ARXs, and a host of other rifles that accept AR magazines, is the standard, curved, 30-round variety. P-Mags work best, but […]

Comments on war and warfare

18 June 13 Comments on war and warfare, from a decorated veteran and dear friend, in SA: “Years ago, I volunteered and went to war after my National Service. Towards the end of the (Angolan) War, our church decided to gather at a special meeting at Broederstroom to denounce the War, along with all who […]

Churches as “sanctuaries?”

17 June 13 Yesterday, a deranged meth-addict entered a Catholic church in UT, and without delay, approached his estranged father-in-law and immediately shot him in the head at close range. Brand/caliber of pistol used was not divulged. Father-in-law was last reported in critical condition at a local hospital. Suspect subsequently ran out of the church, […]

Ammunition Update

16 June 13 I spent last Friday with the CEO of a major domestic ammunition manufacturer. While there, I was able to get a small quantity of high-performance 40S&W and 45ACP ammunition, as well as some 9mm hardball. He also had some 40S&W practice ammunition and several boxes of high-performance 308. No high-performance 9mm, and […]


14 June 13 It was my honor and privilege to work with a local PD SWAT Team in the Northwest earlier this week. We had twenty of them there, all equipped with M4s bearing Aimpoints, as well as Kimber 1911 pistols. A few had Glock 21s. We ran an intense Course. Each officer fired many […]

The beat goes on!

10 June 13 At an Urban Rifle Course here in WA last weekend, I had, as is commonplace, an assortment of ARs in 5.56×45, and one AK in 7.62×39. My students were, as usual, a mix of cops, doctors, lawyers, and business professionals. After several decades of doing these courses, I’m noticing at least three […]

From a friend and student in Norway

7 June 13 From a friend and student in Norway: “This morning I passed a checkpoint manned by local troops from our HV (Norwegian National Guard). It was nice to see they all had fully-loaded H&K G3s at the ready, but pointed in a continuous safe direction, and fingers where they belong. Unlike so many […]

The way great nations go to war

3 June 13 The Congressional “Tonkin Gulf Resolution” of 7 Aug 1964 was the beginning of our big troop build-up in Vietnam. I didn’t get there until the summer of 1968, four years later. As it turns out, the Tonkin Gulf Resolution was a fraud. President LBJ insisted that one of our ships had been […]