Monthly Archives: May 2013

Finally, in IL!

31 May 13 From my friend and colleague, Frank Sharpe, at Fortress Defense: “Our Concealed Carry Bill is finally through the IL General Assembly. It passed with a super-majority, so our governor can (1) veto it, (2) sign it, or (3) sit on it, but the final result will be the same. It’s, at long […]

More on pistol optics

29 May 13 More on pistol optics, from several colleagues in a position to know: Going back ten years, first-generation MRDSs (micro red-dot sights) were small enough to mount on pistols, but were not sufficiently rugged for serious purposes. Some Operators have even mounted Aimpoint’s T1s on pistols, but the T1 is really too bulky […]

Trijicon RMR on pistols

28 May 13 At this year’s NTI in Harrisburg, PA, (just concluded), a number of my friends and colleagues were carrying (concealed) Glocks, M&Ps, XD, et al, equipped with RMRs. The RMR is a zero-magnification red-dot optical sight that is small enough to go on the slides of many carry pistols. The optic is typically […]

Fatal terrorist attack in London yesterday

24 May 13 These comments from a friend in the UK: “One of our soldiers was randomly attacked by cleaver and knife-wielding Islamic youths yesterday. He died at the scene. The two attackers loitered, bloody knives still in their hands, lecturing bystanders, until police arrived. When they did arrive, one bystander asked police why they […]

The Bill of Rights, paraphrased from a friend and scholar

20 May 13 The Bill of Rights, paraphrased from a friend and scholar: “At the time of the drafting of our Federal Constitution, there was much heated discussion with regard to the structure of the federal government. The proposed construction certainly attempted to dissipate power among the branches, but the rights of citizens were still […]

Ammunition situation

16 May 13 I was in a Gander Mountain in PA today, checking out their ammunition inventory. Gander Mountain is a big outdoor-sports franchise, similar to Sportsman’s Warehouse. No Glocks, nor M&Ps, nor XDs. Not one for sale. No ARs of any brand. No 9mm, 40S&W, 357Sig, 45ACP, 45GAP, 308, nor 223. No 22LR (rimfire) […]


14 May 13 This from a friend in Madison, WI: “The Dalai Lama just drove under my office window, surrounded by a heavily-armed escort. Many uniformed guards, and they carried ARs in plain view, along with pistols. No attempt to hide them. Not clear if they were private or public. I didn’t see a single […]


13 May 13 At an Urban Rifle Course last weekend, a student brought an Eagle Arms AR, with old-style (A1), standard, iron sights. The company who manufactured the rifle is now out of business, having long-since been absorbed by Armalite. The student was using old magazines (with old springs and old-style followers), and the rifle […]

Student Story

8 May 13 Student Story: Here in the Midwest, a woman we knew came to us for training last week. She received defensive handgun training from Vicki and afterward decided to buy a pistol for personal protection. In this state, state-issued CCW permits are not hard to get, and she is currently applying. This woman […]

“… just an ordinary guy”

6 May 13 Last weekend, during a Defensive Handgun Course in the Midwest, one of my students, an unassuming black man, told us an amazing story: My student lives in Chicago, is gainfully-employed, and has been his entire adult life. He is the very definition of “law-abiding,” having no arrest record, except as noted below. […]