14 May 13

This from a friend in Madison, WI:

“The Dalai Lama just drove under my office window, surrounded by a heavily-armed escort. Many uniformed guards, and they carried ARs in plain view, along with pistols. No attempt to hide them. Not clear if they were private or public.

I didn’t see a single trigger-lock!

They made a big commotion, going by with sirens blaring. No ‘low-profile’ here!

He is in town to address our state legislature, and everyone is apparently supposed to know about it.”

Comment: He is not even a US Citizen, but the Dalai Lama’s guns are obviously still okay, and they may apparently be waved around in public (center of town in this case) with impunity. Not the case with those owned by us peon/citizens, who merely work for a living, obey the law, and pay taxes.

His life and personal security are obviously ‘important.’ On the other hand, decent and productive citizens are, at least in the minds of politicians, expendable/disposable.

For one, as an American I am weary of being continually looked upon that way, and simultaneously being told by some political gas-bag that I’m too stupid to own a gun!

“The meek may ‘inherit the Earth,’ but they do it in small plots”