16 May 13

I was in a Gander Mountain in PA today, checking out their ammunition inventory. Gander Mountain is a big outdoor-sports franchise, similar to Sportsman’s Warehouse.

No Glocks, nor M&Ps, nor XDs. Not one for sale. No ARs of any brand.

No 9mm, 40S&W, 357Sig, 45ACP, 45GAP, 308, nor 223. No 22LR (rimfire)

A single 20-round box of Federal 30M1 Carbine.

There was a fair supply of 30-06 hunting ammunition. Remington, Federal, Hornady

Curiously, there were several dozen boxes of 223 WSSM on display shelves. That’s for “Winchester Super-Short Magnum,” a fat-cased, hyper-velocity 22-caliber round, intended for bolt-guns and long-range varmint hunting. Gander Mountain found it necessary to put a sign on the 223 WSSM boxes, warning consumers that it was not 223 Remington (5.56×45).

Still, a number of the boxes had been opened, multiple times, by anxious shoppers who apparently thought they had stumbled upon a significant inventory of 223 Rem.

No such luck!

A similar sign was placed atop the store’s inventory of 7.62x54R (Soviet version of the 308), warning customers not to confuse it with 7.62×39 (“30-Soviet,” for which most Kalishnikovs are chambered), of which they had none.

So, there is no relief yet in the chronic shortage of serious guns and serious ammunition, as least at the retail level.

The sage are hoarding ammunition at every opportunity, and have been since 2008. Some have even come forward to graciously offer their stash to at least one ammunition-starved police department in MN!

The universal sense of impending crisis, fueled by now almost daily blunders, blatant lies, and moral lapses by the floundering BHO Administration, continues to drive frenzied buying.

Nothing will improve any time soon!

Many Americans have confronted the fact that, when the Administration won’t even rescue its own people in Libya, what are the chances they will lift a finger to rescue any of us?

We’re on our own!