Monthly Archives: April 2012

“Living It,” or just pretending?

26 Apr 12 These telling comments from an LEO friend and instructor: “I’ve started routinely asking my colleagues, ‘Are you ‘Living It?’’ We have completely incorporated ‘going armed’ into both our personal and professional lives. We are always ‘armed and dangerous,’ always alert, always ready. When we come to the range, we go, without delay, […]

“Use Enough Gun”

25 Apr 12 “Use Enough Gun” The title of a book by famed Washington Socialite and African big-game hunter, Robert Ruark, first published in 1952. Ruark died in London in 1965. Yesterday, two courageous NYPD patrol officers were involved in a protracted gun battle with a single felony suspect in Harlem (30th Precinct). Suspect was […]

Open Carry

24 Apr 12 Just got a note from an LEO friend in WY. In uniform, and on normal patrol yesterday, he was enjoying lunch at a local café. While there, several IPSC competitors, openly armed with holstered pistols (condition not known), also walked in for lunch. There was apparently a pistol match going on nearby. […]

Concealed Carry

23 Apr 12 Since WI’s concealed-carry law was signed by Gov Walker last year, it was estimated that 125,000 applications would be approved the first year. That number has almost been reached, and it has only been six months! Leftists, with the all-too-willing complicity of the media, naturally predicted a sharp increase in violent crime. […]

SIG’s “E2″ Grip

21 Apr 12 Friends at SIG have just upgraded my SIG/229/DAK (40S&W), installing their new, one-piece “E2″ Grip. No more grip-screws! The four screws that heretofore secured grip-panels to SIG pistols (and that had the annoying habit of backing-out, coming loose, falling-out, and subsequently getting lost) have been eliminated. The E2 grip is screwless! The […]

Marksman System Video Simulator

18 Apr 12 Many have asked how to find the Marksman System Video Simulator Web Page. It is at I did a live-fire Patrol Rifle Instructor’s Program this afternoon, under the auspices of ILEETA, at the wonderful Lake County SO Range in Russell, IL, near the WI State Line. We had an overflow crowd, […]

ILEETA, 2012

17 Apr 12 Vicki and I are currently attending the 2012 ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association) Conference at a Chicago suburb. We do our best to attend every year! Today, I toured the vendor/display area. Items of note: S&W was conspicuous by their absence! We all wanted to handle their new single-column […]


12 Apr 12 There are three levels of concealment: Casual, Rigorous, and Total. A pistol in a waistband holster, covered by an outer-garment, is an example of “casual” concealment, and that, or something similar, is the preference of most of us who carry daily. However, with the current spike of interest in personal-protection pistols, many, […]

Ammunition shortage, once more!

9 Apr 12 “God ordered motion, but ordained no rest.” Vaughn We’re in a pivotal election year, and the level of national unease and nervousness is even higher than it was four years ago (and campaigning is just getting started)! Intensity will increase, right up to the national election, and probably beyond. Between now and […]

User-Level Pistol Maintenance

5 Apr 12 Reputable pistol manufactures all recommend, at the user-level, regular field-stripping, cleaning/lubricating, and inspection of parts for excessive wear and breakage. However, the only part all manufacturers suggest be regularly replaced, regardless of outward appearance, is the recoil spring (or spring-assembly). Most say recoil-springs need replacing at 3,500 rounds. On Gen4 pistols, Glock […]

Little Parts

3 Apr 12 At a Pistol Course two weeks ago, a student on the firing-line indicated that he was having problems with his G17. I asked him to holster the pistol and step off the line. Normally, in this circumstance, students are expected to instantly transition to backup pistols and then finish the exercise. However, […]