21 Apr 12

Friends at SIG have just upgraded my SIG/229/DAK (40S&W), installing their new, one-piece “E2″ Grip.

No more grip-screws! The four screws that heretofore secured grip-panels to SIG pistols (and that had the annoying habit of backing-out, coming loose, falling-out, and subsequently getting lost) have been eliminated. The E2 grip is screwless!

The E2 is also pleasantly ergonomic, reminding me of the S&W M&P, and has a light texture (cat’s tongue), all of which represents a significant improvement over the old-style.

SIG needs these kind of upgrades, and new products, to stay competitive. SIG currently occupies forth place in American Pistoldom, behind Glock, S&W/M&P, and SA/XD.

I’m delighted to see they’re getting back in the fight. Good competition makes good products.