23 Apr 12

Since WI’s concealed-carry law was signed by Gov Walker last year, it was estimated that 125,000 applications would be approved the first year. That number has almost been reached, and it has only been six months!

Leftists, with the all-too-willing complicity of the media, naturally predicted a sharp increase in violent crime. They always do, and they’re always wrong. The exact opposite is happening! Of course, when proven wrong, as they are now, leftists predictably lapse into all-inclusive amnesia. Funny the way they never seem to remember their own errors, nor their own relentless vanity.

WI’s AG, JB VanHollen, has been publically ambivalent about the new law, but, like politicians in general, he surely has not been ambivalent about his personal safety. His own was the very first permit approved and issued by the state. Curious the way that works!

WI’s DOJ has done yeoman’s work in processing permits. Expected delays have not materialized. Who want one, and qualify, are currently receiving them in less than thirty days.

Contrast that with NYC, where local newspapers are reporting that only movie stars, and other friends and contributors to the Mayor’s reelection campaign, seem to be able to get approval from NYC’s “highly selective” CCW Program. So, while the Mayor publically lambasts the private ownership of guns by the rest of us, he makes sure all his friends are armed with the very guns he personally professes to hate!

Guns and personal safety unfailingly make flaming hypocrites of all leftists!

A statesman is an easy man,
He tells his lies by rote;
A journalist makes up his lies
And takes you by the throat
So, stay at home and drink your beer
And let the neighbors vote