9 Apr 12

“God ordered motion, but ordained no rest.”


We’re in a pivotal election year, and the level of national unease and nervousness is even higher than it was four years ago (and campaigning is just getting started)! Intensity will increase, right up to the national election, and probably beyond. Between now and November, we’re going to experience increasing civil unrest, much of it with racial overtones. Even today, we’re seeing, in the wake of the Martin incident in FL, a gallery of racial firebrands openly calling for, indeed encouraging, rioting and mob-violence.

Shortages of ammunition, particularly 223, represent one symptom. The current deficit is nationwide and growing more critical by the day. Who have not already stockpiled ammunition will likely not be able to find what they need, at least between now and November. And, all this is not lost on the federal government. Federal LE agencies, are currently ordering billions of rounds for themselves, far beyond what has been “normal” up until now! As a result, private-sector ammunition manufacturers are all in heavy backorder, with no catch-up in sight.

Sales of serious guns have spiked too. Military rifles and pistols are also in backorder, and prices on dwindling current inventory are going up!

Compounding the ammunition problem is yet another sinister movement, cynically masquerading as “environmental protection.” This one to ban, nationally, virtually all ammunition and all shooting. As with Liberal “theology” in general, no inquiry is ever permitted, and conclusions are never challenged by the unquestioningly obedient, which includes most of the media. No surprise. On its face, this particular non-scientific anti-gun dogma is nothing but pious imbecility, against which waves of logic beat in-vain!

Frightened Americans, frantically buying guns and ammunition, is a news-item that will be predictably ignored/embargoed by the media, in the same way they ignore all news they wish weren’t true. But, ask any retailer, distributer, or manufacturer, and he’ll tell you what is really going on!

Best personal advice is to stay far away from public events, particularly political rallies, marches, protests, et al, and stay out of metro areas to the extent that you can. We’ll continue to hear, from the mouths of leftists, open, and increasingly vehement, calls for violence directed against their political opponents. And, such political thuggery will predictably be sanctioned, even by some elected officials, with many others conspicuously failing to condemn it. As noted above, we’re hearing it already. Be ever-prepared, in depth, but maintain a low, personal profile. Never con yourself in to thinking you’re too insignificant to become a target of political violence.

Political activity, even in this Country, is not risk-free. Participate as much, or as little, as you deem appropriate, but always evaluate risk realistically, never euphemistically.

We’re in for a bumpy ride!

“All political movements, in a hopeless attempt to perpetuate themselves, unavoidably become reactionary and despotic.”