18 Apr 12

Many have asked how to find the Marksman System Video Simulator Web Page. It is at imarksman.com

I did a live-fire Patrol Rifle Instructor’s Program this afternoon, under the auspices of ILEETA, at the wonderful Lake County SO Range in Russell, IL, near the WI State Line.

We had an overflow crowd, but accommodated everyone. Most had ARs. One Mini 14. One SCAR. All ran fine.

Many students represented departments that are in the middle of putting together Rifle Programs.

Most were excellent shooters, and few rifles there required sight adjustments.

We, of course, ran the range “hot.” Many students were not accustomed to hot rangers, but adopted instantly.

We practiced hostage rescue, movement, transition to support-side shoulder, and transition to pistol.

What struck me, and my instructors, most of all was the excellent learning attitude displayed by everyone. They were all there to absorb as much as they could. These are the kind of students
with whom I like to work!

I am gratified and encouraged that we are still able to attract such excellent people into our profession and Art.

Great day!