14 May 20
The stark truth is:
One hundred percent of us will probably contract Covid19 within the next two years, lockdown or no lockdown!
For many, it has come and gone already. Covid19 will continue to blow-through the world’s population, as have unknown numbers of other strains of flu.
The vast majority, when exposed, will experience symptoms, to one degree or another. With some, symptoms will be so mild as to go unnoticed.
A few will become very sick, and a tiny percentage will die.
An effective vaccine may be developed between now and then, just as been the case with other strains of flu, but there may never be one!
10k people die in the USA every day, from all causes. “Ordinary” flu kills significant numbers every year, and has since records were kept. Some are trying to convince us that death is somehow a new phenomenon!
Good people will always find effective ways to manage risk, when the government lets them!
Our national shutdown, after four weeks, has been about putting people out of work, and onto some kind of government dole. It has become a “perfect storm” for Democrats to prevent DJT from being reelected, which is why they are desperately trying to drag it on for no reason other than to promote massive unemployment, poverty, squalor, dependency, and despondency, in other words, to expand their voter base!
Most Americans know and understand that unemployment, poverty, and squalor are far more deadly than any virus!