25 July 14

On international travel, from a friend and student:

“Several years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Israel on a low-cost deal, so I decided to go. I was the guest of an organization promoting the education of Jewish youth.

Nothing much exciting happened in the two weeks I was there, save this:

Our tour-group was in the north, near the Lebanese border, close enough to see into the next polity. We had a ‘guard’ with us, a twenty-year-old IDF corporal, on leave and making a little extra money escorting us. He was carrying a well worn, American-made M1 Carbine, casually slung over his shoulder. No round chambered, and no magazine in the rifle. He had three 15-round magazines on his duty-belt, charged with plain-vanilla hardball. None of the rest of us were armed.

All of a sudden, we heard gunfire, close enough to make me nervous. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, but I grabbed the girl nearest me and we both dove into the dirt!

After an hour of laying low, we trooped on. No additional gunfire that day.

The only other person, including our guides/chaperones, who went to ground was our IDF ‘guard.’ I talked with him later that day. I asked how long it would take him to get his carbine un-slung, mounted, loaded, aimed, and get rounds going downrange. He indicated it would all take five seconds, but his diffident answer did not inspire much confidence! He indicated that his empty carbine was not that way by choice, but by ‘orders.’”


Even in a place like Israel, the fearful, self-serving “empty-gun crowd,” and their defective philosophy, still endangers innocent lives every day, just at it does on our own military bases over here!

Those up the food-chain, here and there, would rather see a dozen innocents massacred, than have a single ND that could blemish their C/V. So, guns are never carried in any condition where they could actually be useful. No one among them would even know how! As a result, innocents are routinely massacred, over and over, and we have NDs anyway!

“Stupidity” is a religion, complete with fanatics and bigots!

“When we fail to discipline ourselves, the world does it for us, invariably at an inconvenient time, and in an uncomfortable place”

William Feather