23 July 14

“Terrorism is not ‘the pursuit of legitimate goals by illegitimate means.’ Whatever these murderers may be trying to achieve, ‘creating a better world’ certainly isn’t one of their goals!”

Salman Rushdie

Places to stay away from:

Recent reports on acts of terrorism, perpetrated by devotees of assorted demented ideologies (the vast majority by the “Religion of Peace”), are as expected, centered in particular places. These are places smart travelers meticulously avoid!

Topping the List, as one might expect, are Iraq and Nigeria. However, all of west Africa is bad news, as are most places in the Middle East.

China, Egypt, Libya, Kenya, Columbia, Mexico, Phillippines, India, and Thailand have also all earned “high-risk” ratings!

Israel did not make it to the top of the List, but travel there is still not recommended, particularly now, amid the more-or-less continuous rocket shower!

Open warfare currently rages in Ukraine.

In this country, all metro areas are dangerous, but NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Newark, Memphis, et al are particularly good places to stay out of. In most northeast cities, restrictions are high. Safety is low!

Friends have recently asked me about religious-site tours of Israel, Egypt, and other places in the Middle East, sponsored by various church-groups. There is no shortage of hollow assurances of “safety” by tour promoters/sponsors!

My answer is that these promoters are grievously naive, and that they inexcusably misrepresent the real degree of personal risk! Who foolishly believe all this “It’s perfectly safe” rhetoric are kidding themselves, dangerously!

The world situation is not going to improve any time soon! Far be it from me to tell people what to do, but you should make yourself aware of the genuine risk to your personal safety before going to, or through, any of the above-mentioned places, particularly when you’re with an identifiable Christian or Jewish group.

One thing I do notice is that South Lake Tahoe, NV, for example, is conspicuously absent from the “Danger List!” Restrictions are low, and when I’m there, everyone is glad to see me! Friendly poker dealers deal me cards all night long, as I sit in my comfortable chair having a great time. Attractive, smiling, and well-endowed young women, who think I’m really cool (in a “fatherly” sort of way!), cheerfully serve me drinks, all I want. Food is wonderful, and, at the crap table, I’m even permitted to throw dice now and then. It is kind of a religious experience!

And, if you’re wondering if there is a point lurking in all this, here it is: Stay within CONUS right now! Even then, vacation in low-risk areas. Keep your head up and be alert, no matter where you are. Be reasonably prepared for emergencies. There is no benefit, nor virtue, in helplessness, nor defenselessness.

While we can never completely relax, some places are more “relaxing” than others!

“Some have argued that the West does not have problems with Islam, but only with ‘… violent Islamist extremists.’ Fourteen-hundred years of history demonstrate otherwise!”

Samuel P Huntington

“Before all else, be armed.”

Niccolo Machiavelli