30 July 14


A relative recently said to me:

“You may think you have the right to own guns, but I have the right to walk in the park and not be shot.”

My response was a searing:

“No, you don’t!

“You don’t have a ‘right’ to have nothing bad ever happen to you. No such ‘right’ is enumerated anywhere in the Constitution, nor would it be possible for any such ‘right,’ even when cynically promised by criminal politicians, to be enforced.

There is no free lunch! Our Constitution declines to guarantee outcomes. Neither this Nation, nor this planet, owes you anything. You have no ‘right’ to a risk-free life!

As for police, it represents enormous conceit to believe we do anything about crime, other than displace it!

I feed bad about victims of crime, just like everyone else. Indeed, I also feel bad about floods, earthquakes, fires, accidents, sickness, and poor personal decisions. But, I don’t feel bad enough to forever surrender my individual freedom and liberty, on behalf of myself and my children, voluntarily entering into slavery, and donning chains, in a despicable, and meaningless, effort to prevent ‘crime’

There are things far worse than ‘crime!’

We all pay a price for living in a free country. You get to make your own decisions. You get to endure the consequences. Either way, ‘luck’ is completely indifferent. And, either way, nobody cares, nor should they.

And in the end, bacteria win anyway!

Where did you think you were, Disneyland?”

“The Constitution only gives people the right to ‘pursue’ happiness. You have to catch it yourself!”

Benjamin Franklin