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Carpe Diem

26 Feb 24   Deadly Campus:   American young adults, going off to college, are quickly submerged in modern higher-education leftist/woke political agenda.   Of course, with leftists there is never any “debate.” You’re required to unconditionally embrace their woke agenda, or be shown the door. They smugly promote “diversity,” in everything but opinion!   […]


24 Feb 24   Naive Assumptions:   Thursday’s nationwide cell-phone disruption is by now “old news,” and lasted only a few hours, yet when service was restored, 911-centers were instantly flooded with calls (for hours afterward) from panicked citizens who were wondering if emergency services were still available!   Many Americans have merrily done-away with […]


23 Feb 24   I keep getting BHO and JRB mixed together!   The 2021 “withdrawal” from Afghanistan was on JRB’s watch, not BHO’s   I apologize for the gaffe!   /John

Terror Exports!

23 Feb 24   Exportable Terror:   Yesterday, one innocent Israeli citizen was murdered (via gunfire), and eight others were wounded (also via gunfire) as they sat in stationary vehicles during a protracted traffic-jam near the A-Za’ayem checkpoint that separates the West Bank from Jerusalem.   Not surprisingly, this incident received scant notice in the […]


20 Feb 24   NYC   No city in the USA has more police, nor more laws/regulations/ordinances/restrictions, than does NYC!   So, when public order breaks-down in NYC (which it has), despite innumerable laws and ostensible “law-enforcers,” the rest of us might get the crazy idea that all those suffocating restrictions on personal freedom may […]


16 Feb 26   “A nation can survive fools, even ambitious ones. But, it cannot survive treason from within.   An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banners openly.   But, the traitor moves freely among those within our gates. His sly whispers rustling through galleys, heard […]


15 Feb 24   Coming to a theater near you!   1 “Bail-reform,” 2 open borders, 3 “sanctuary cities,” 4 “restorative justice,” 5 woke/leftist prosecutors, mayors, governors   All represent “seeds of destruction”   One of the illegal aliens who battered NYPD Patrolmen last week was out on “cashless bail” (for another felony) and, as […]

Church Shooting!

13 Feb 24   Church shooting:   Two days ago, on “Superbowl Sunday,” a woman entered the enormous Lakewood Church in Houston, TX.   This is a regularly-televised “megachurch,” presided-over by smiling televangelist, Joel Osteen   The woman was wearing a long trenchcoat (which concealed an M4) and was escorted by her seven-year-old son.   […]


6 Feb 24   “Knowledge defeats fear.   Preparation defeats failure.   Discipline defeats panic”   Michael Lang   Bad outcomes!   In a recent case in which I consulted, a householder answered his front doorbell one afternoon.   A person he knew (slightly) was at his door and wanted to come in.   The […]


1 Feb 24   Physical contact:   As orchestrated by leftist politicians, our civilization continues to experience:   1) Widespread, and increasing, violent lawlessness   2) Increasing illegal drug use, particularly fentanyl that is effortlessly imported by drug cartels   3) Squalorous homelessness on an enormous, and growing, scale   4) Massive uncontrolled, unvetted, unhampered, […]