24 Feb 24
Naive Assumptions:
Thursday’s nationwide cell-phone disruption is by now “old news,” and lasted only a few hours, yet when service was restored, 911-centers were instantly flooded with calls (for hours afterward) from panicked citizens who were wondering if emergency services were still available!
Many Americans have merrily done-away with land-lines and now depend entirely on cell phones. More are going this route every day.
Yet, when cell-service tanks (which it definitely can and did) these people will be unable to summon emergency services!
When cell-phones are dead (and/or 911 centers are hopelessly overloaded with anxious callers), it is up to the individual citizen to confront, and unilaterally deal with:
1) Medical emergencies
2) Fires
3) Violent home invaders
Patient stabilization, as well as “load-and-go” transportation to the nearest ER, becomes a critically-necessary capability.
High-capacity fire extinguishers, on site, are also obligatory
Heavy firepower (including “weapons of war”) falls in the same category
Thursday’s cell-phone disruption represents an important warning:
Who naively assume that emergency services are always “just a phone-call away,” are kidding themselves, dangerously!
“The naive don’t want to hear truth, because they can’t endure seeing their delusional phantasies demolished”