20 Feb 24
No city in the USA has more police, nor more laws/regulations/ordinances/restrictions, than does NYC!
So, when public order breaks-down in NYC (which it has), despite innumerable laws and ostensible “law-enforcers,” the rest of us might get the crazy idea that all those suffocating restrictions on personal freedom may not be having the desired effect.
In fact, they may have the opposite effect!
NYC is the classic “canary-in-the-coal-mine.” When NYC descends into anarchy (which it has), then the future of our civilization is in doubt.
Predictable advice smugly proffered by “personal-protection experts,” who say that all we need to do is “be aware of our surroundings,” and that “there is safety in numbers and in well lighted places” currently rings hollow in NYC!
Naively saying to yourself, “… this is a safe place,” represents poor strategy, as well as foolish self-deception, as countless crime-victims have unhappily discovered.
Drama on the streets of NYC is not like drama on the stage. In the “theater of reality,” sticking-around to “watch the show” also represents poor strategy.
The notion that “police will arrive in the nick of time” is yet another common (but false/foolish) belief.
The expectation that “security guards” are anything more than window dressing is equally foolish.
“Symbolic barriers” are just that, and nothing more!
Thus, only fools trust their lives and personal safety to “security” that others are supposed to provide.
In the end, NYC’s leftist politicians don’t know the way. Never will.
To them, the familiar “more-power-for-them-and-less-freedom-for-us” mantra is the only direction they know, nor ever will know.
The rest of us know, or should know, they’ll never change and we’re thus on our own!
“All political movements, in a hopeless attempt to perpetuate themselves, unavoidably become reactionary and despotic”