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Far Right?

27 May 20Far Right?A University of Connecticut senior who is accused of murdering two men (with a gun), injuring another, and kidnaping a woman, during two separate attacks last Sunday (then fleeing in a stolen car), is a well-known far-left ideologue who espouses revocation of our Second Amendment.He wrote in a 2018 post:“School shootings are […]


22 May 20“We’ve developed a new citizenry, one that is selective about cereals and automobiles, is captivated by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper, but is not able to think.”Rod SerlingCapitalism has failed!Our Constitution, especially our Bill of Rights, is antiquated!Nancy P’s “Marxicrats,” sleazy moral relativists, one and all (good people are not attracted […]

Common Epitaph!

21 May 20“Who are without swords can still die upon them!” From the Tolkien novel, “Lord of the Rings”In reporting yesterday’s mall shooting in AZ, local media reiterated this all-to-common epitaph:“When police arrived at the mall, the scene was no longer active”Additional details are still emerging, but the above headline is the point of this […]


“Be armed, or don’t be around me!”Patton (paraphrased)Here is something we can do right now!Our Secretary of Defense yesterday reluctantly, embarrassingly acknowledged a firm al-Qaeda connection to the Saudi “student” who murdered three US sailors in Pensacola, FL last December.Ever since, DOJ and Apple have been at odds over 4th Amendment issues surrounding encryption of […]

The August Invasion!

15 May 20“There are memories time does not erase‘Forever’ does not make loss forgettable, only bearable.”Cassandra ClareFar Eastern Front, the “Manchurian Operation:”What we in the West refer to as “WWII,” Russians call “The Great Patriotic War.”Of course, during the progress of that War, the Western Press concentrated on western actions in Africa, Italy, France, islands […]


14 May 20Pandemic?The stark truth is:One hundred percent of us will probably contract Covid19 within the next two years, lockdown or no lockdown!For many, it has come and gone already. Covid19 will continue to blow-through the world’s population, as have unknown numbers of other strains of flu.The vast majority, when exposed, will experience symptoms, to […]

High-Performance Ammunition Update

13 May 20 AmmunitionFriends at Cor-Bon, Defiant, Supervel, Underwood, Lehigh tell me:Demand for high-performance pistol and rifle ammunition has slowed slightly from the peak of the Covid19 scare eight weeks ago, but it remains strong.Good time to stock-up, before the election season gets even more exciting!9mm is still the hottest seller.Cor-Bon’s 115gr +p DPX, Defiant’s […]

44 Russian

9 May 20“Comes the hourComes the man!”AnonIn 1870, the “44 Russian” revolver cartridge set the pattern for all future revolver cartridges.In 1870, Russian General Alexander Gorlov, assigned to the Russian Embassy in Washington DC, approached S&W and expressed interest in their single-action, top-break No 3 Revolver (“No 3″ indicated that this was S&W’s third frame […]

Posh “Sheltering!”

8 May 20“Guns for me, but not for thee!”Wealthy professing “liberals” in the USA and the UK are “riding-out” Covid19 restrictions at expansive, posh “resorts” up and down the East Coast.Curiously, these resorts feature pistol and rifle ranges, trap and skeet ranges, “hunting and shooting amenities,” as well as “professional firearms instruction” for their rich […]


5 May 20Correction!In yesterday’s Quip, I indicated Lenin died in 1934.It was actually 1924. I didn’t catch the error quite soon enough!As with all “official” records emanating from the Soviet Union at that time, detail of Lenin’s miserable final moments are murky!Many historians familiar with that period of history believe he was murdered (probably poisoned) […]

The Century of World Wars!

4 May 20“History” is not a ‘science.’ Rather, it is a fluctuating series of interpretations, hypotheses, narratives, and agendas that are endlessly subject to lively (sometimes caustic) debate about every detail of past events.”Paul CooperIn April of 1917, Erich Ludendorff in Berlin, Germany arranged for Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) to be secretly spirited out of exile […]

Marxist Tyranny up North!

1 May 20“When one with honeyed words, but evil mind, persuades the mob, great woes befall the State.”EuripidesCanada following New Zealand, Venezuela!Naive Canadian gun-owners who “played the game“ and went-along with power-hungry leftist politicians and dutifully “registered” their guns, are now discovering those smiling leftist politicians lied, as leftists always do!The sole reason for cynical […]