8 May 20
“Guns for me, but not for thee!”
Wealthy professing “liberals” in the USA and the UK are “riding-out” Covid19 restrictions at expansive, posh “resorts” up and down the East Coast.
Curiously, these resorts feature pistol and rifle ranges, trap and skeet ranges, “hunting and shooting amenities,” as well as “professional firearms instruction” for their rich patrons, maybe even with “weapons of war!”
So, wealthy Britons and Americans are provided easy access to “shooting sports”, while Democrat politicians they support sanctimoniously lecture us mere peons about the perils of owning so much as a Swiss Army knife, for fear of arrest, prosecution, and prison!
The vast majority of these “sheltering rich” are registered Democrats who are going to be enthusiastically, and oh-so hypocritically, supporting Sleepy Joe in November, assuming he hasn’t dropped out of the race, or keeled-over, by then!
Thus, when Sleepy Joe timidly peeks-out from between his cadre of heavily-armed bodyguards (bearing “weapons of war”) and then tells us “ordinary citizens” that we “don’t need guns,” his rich, liberal supporters will casually sneer, foolishly believing that ecumenical gun-bans Joe is proposing will never apply to them.
Well, they will surely never apply to Joe, as well as hypocritical Democrat governors and mayors, but they will apply to naive rich fools, as Canadians are unhappily discovering right now!
“A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives, but likewise has no respect for himself, nor should he!