4 Mar 2020

I am honored and humbled that I have so many wonderful friends who came forth and volunteered to assist me with my DTI Web Page issues.

Thanks to all who responded so generously.

I really appreciate it.

I’ll advise on our progress!

In the interim, you may recall Travel Armor, the company that manufacturers hard cases specifically designed for commercial air travel in checked baggage.

I’ve use them since late last year on dozens of flights, and they enjoy my recommendation.

Travel Armor is nice enough to extend a discount to DTI Students:

Click on www.travelarmorcase.com and enter the discount code TAC613 at checkout.

When ordering high-performance ammunition from Defiant Munitions, be aware that DTI Students also enjoy an discount there. It’s DTI2020

At Supervel, DTI Students also enjoy a discount, also DTI2020

We’re trying to get most of the DTI Web Page back by next week.

I’ll advise.