2 Mar 2020

Steiner, IO, Century arms

At a DTI Urban Rifle Course last weekend in TX, I used my copy of Inter-Ordinanceā€™s M4, with Steinerā€™s P4Xi 1×4 tactical rifle optic.

The P4Xi features a conventional etched reticle, combined with a red dot, which is intensity-adjustable.

This combination makes an excellent SRO Rifle, with just enough optional magnification to make-out detail at urban rifle ranges.

Clarity of Steiner glass is amazing!

My students and I also used my Century Arms VSKA (Kalashnikov, 7.62×39), mounted with Steinerā€™s DRS1X non-magnifying red-dot. It runs on two AAs and has several reticles which you can call-up instantly, although I like the single red dot best!

Both my IO M4 and my Century Arms VSKA run with no hiccups!

We engaged both steel and paper targets from 10 to 150 meters.

For serious rifles and serious purposes, these two optics are thoroughly militarized, rugged, precise, bright, and fast!