Monthly Archives: February 2016

Real Training!

26 Feb 16 This from a friend in Europe who just finished a week-long Pistol/Rifle Course in the high country. Good information: “I used a Colt AR (equipped with Aimpoint M4), and a G19. Orders were: low profile, no ‘camo,’ clothing, nor equipment. No chest rigs. Much concern here about ‘para-military’ training! We were located […]

A Nervous Western Europe!

22 Feb 16 Western Europe Update, from a friend and colleague in Belgium: “Today, Europol announced that it estimates the number of active and trained Islamic terrorists in Europe to be between 3,000 to 5,000. Of course, to that number we have to add ‘moderate’ Moslems who are all too willing to provide support, such […]

Folding Stock for ARs!

21 Feb 16 AR Folding Stock? An issue with Stoner-System ARs that is not shared with gas-piston rifles is that ARs have a rigid buffer-tube directly behind the upper receiver. Collapsible/adjustable stocks are “standard” these days, and recommended, but even when fully collapsed, they only reduce overall length so much. LAW Tactical has been making […]

When are you ever “off duty?”

20 Feb 16 “Off” Duty? A man with a dual (USA/Israeli) citizenship was stabbed to death at a Jerusalem supermarket last week. A devoted husband and father, he responded to screaming as two knife-wielding Palestinian teenagers were randomly attacking shoppers. Such racially/religiously inspired lethal attacks are now a daily occurrence in Israel, and in many […]

Nervous Jews in Europe!

17 Feb 16 European Jews are nervous, once again. This time, Christians too! From Jewish friends in Europe: “While our European politicians publically, piously declare, ad nauseam, that they will extend protection to all citizens, those of us who have been around for a while know full well that all such promises are dubious and […]

Islamic Terrorists, Today!

12 Feb 16 Islamic Terrorist Attack Today, within CONUS. They’re here! “Personal weapons, carried concealed, are a source of comfort when you’re not fighting, essential when you are!” Kahn In Columbus, OH early this morning a Somali man by the name of Mohammad Barry entered a restaurant, named “Nazareth,” and started attacking diners at random […]

Muzzle direction?

10 Feb 16 Muzzle Up or Muzzle Down? In our Urban Rifle (UR) and Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack (ARTA) Classes, students come to us from numerous divergent training backgrounds. We, of course, run a hot range, so rifles carried by students are loaded (round chambered, manual safety “on,” fully-charged magazine inserted) continuously. All […]


8 Feb 16 Range Incident: I normally advise students, when they retrieve live rounds of ammunition from the ground, to check them carefully before stuffing them back into magazines. Sometimes, I fail to emphasize the “check them carefully” part enough! Yesterday, during an Urban Rifle Course in TN, a student came to me complaining that […]

Exposed Guns!

5 Feb 16 “Open” Carry The State of TX has recently authorized “open” (exposed) carry of guns within the state. Lots of details yet to be worked-out, but the legislation has gone through. AZ and some other states have technically permitted the practice for some time. And, even in states where there is no specific […]

Corrosion and Erosion!

3 Feb 16 Barrels and Chambers on Serious Rifles: A friend in our State Prison System passed-on information to me about Central Armory’s experience with department AR barrels. He has been tracking service life and found that original Colt chrome-lined barrels show less throat erosion and are staying in the “good range” far longer than […]