12 Feb 16

Islamic Terrorist Attack Today, within CONUS. They’re here!

“Personal weapons, carried concealed, are a source of comfort when you’re not fighting, essential when you are!”


In Columbus, OH early this morning a Somali man by the name of Mohammad Barry entered a restaurant, named “Nazareth,” and started attacking diners at random with a machete. Four innocent patrons were seriously injured before Barry fled.

Local police subsequently confronted Berry after a short chase. They fired at him when he aggressed them with the same machete. Barry was DRT. No officers injured.


Barry was likely an illegal alien. His “immigration status” was not reported. Of course, liberals insist we’re not supposed to care.

To those maimed, “lone wolf” and “known terrorist ties” are both hollow, cynical terms, nonchalantly used by the smug media to advance an agenda that insists Islamic terrorism really doesn’t exist.

Islamic terrorists are here in great numbers, thanks to the fact that our immigration laws have never been enforced by the BHO Administration, due mainly to their continuing effort to promote voter fraud.

Motivated Islamic terrorists are, obviously, here and poised to strike, as they did this morning, at any time, and anywhere within CONUS.

Places frequented by Christians and Jews will continue to be specific targets! We are becoming like Israel.

Welcome to 2016!

Who venture out unarmed are fools, with a death-wish!

“… Some have faced the mortal threat
who came prepared – they’re with us yet.
Others choose to go unarmed
and hope that they’ll return unharmed.
A few have failed nature’s test
and entered their eternal rest.
So good fellows, I suggest today
bring pistol on your way.
That’s my advice if you would heed it –
You never know when you will need it!”