21 Feb 16

AR Folding Stock?

An issue with Stoner-System ARs that is not shared with gas-piston rifles is that ARs have a rigid buffer-tube directly behind the upper receiver. Collapsible/adjustable stocks are “standard” these days, and recommended, but even when fully collapsed, they only reduce overall length so much.

LAW Tactical has been making an AR folding stock for some time now. It folds the buffer-tube (and stock) out of the way, so the rifle will not function normally with the stock folded. However, with the folding locked stock in place, the rifle runs normally. Unfortunately, the requiem “knuckle” on previous versions was bulky and big enough to interfere with operation of the charging handle. And, the entire unit was insufficiently robust, at least in my opinion.

LAW’s latest version (Gen 3) addresses both problems.

The knuckle is now reduced in size and out of the way, and the entire unit is stronger and tighter than before.

On the downside, with the LAW folding-stock installed, normal, user-level maintenance requires the upper and lower receivers to be separated from each other completely, not just hinged apart, so both pins need to come out. An annoyance, but not a deal-buster.

An AR equipped with a Gen 3 LAW folding/adjustable stock is extremely handy for low-profile travel, particularly by commercial air. Since I fly many time per year, with a rifle, this new development is of particular interest to me!

I’ve now tested the LAW Gen 3 series, and they have earned a place on my “Recommended List”

In fact, the LAW Gen 3 is now an option of our FSM4 AR, and I’ll have one on my copy next week!

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