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29 Oct 15 Fall Hunting: Yesterday, at Shawnee Ridge in OH, Vicki and I both brought down magnificent animals. Vicki’s was a Spanish Goat. Mine was a Red Stag. Others in our party got two big pigs! Vicki’s shot was with her Aimpoint-equipped Robar Polymer AR (223), using Cor-Bon 53gr DPX. It was uphill at […]


27 Oct 15 The world’s unarmed face a desperate future! My Greek friends equate gun bans (the kind currently proposed by the BHO Administration, and that are already in effect in Chicago and NYC) to a personal death sentence. For their fathers and grandfathers, it was! Fighting Moslem Ottomans, Italian fascists, German Nazis and then […]

Slips Out!

22 Oct 15 It slips out: As HRC flounders on the witness-stand today, despite withering help from her Democrat apologists, who dutifully fall in line and insist that she can do no wrong, her scantily-reported speech last Friday on the subject of private ownership of guns by American citizens has gone largely unreported. Not surprising! […]

Women, and Whisky, and War!

21 Oct 15 The following is from an old comrade in the UK, a bloody veteran of the Border Wars in Africa, from the 1960s through 1990. He was wounded multiple times (more than I was in Vietnam), but courageously stood his ground and stood-up for his men. He is a genuine hero, albeit a […]

Most Dangerous!

20 Oct 15 Most dangerous activity associated with pistol training: There are dangers inherent with having guns around. There are also dangers inherent with not having guns around. None of us get a risk-free life, and, in the end, the bacteria win. Not in dispute! However, in studying gun-training/range accidents, there is little doubt that […]

Jerusalem Solution!

15 Oct 15 … while Rome burns! Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, has advised all Israeli citizens to start carrying guns for personal protection from knife-wielding Palestinian “youths” who are attacking Jewish residents, apparently at random. Wanton attacks are carried out against all Jews, regardless of gender, or age. Universal concealed carry is the only effective […]

More on Pistol Matches

14 Oct 15 Fighting Pistols: With regard to my last Quip, the three carry-pistols that functioned normally through the thirty-round event I described were: S&W 340PD Revolver (5-shot snubby) G43 (9mm) S&W Shield in 9mm The seven “carry” pistols that did not do well were all small 380 autoloaders, mostly off-shore manufacturers. Most had never […]


13 Oct 15 Personal Readiness: From a friend and colleague “At our monthly pistol match last weekend, our courageous (and now unpopular) match director included an optional thirty-round course of fire, exclusively for legitimate concealed-carry pistols. The only requirement was that the gun, and ammunition, used had to be one that the participant carries regularly. […]

Training in WV

12 Oct 15 Pyrotechnics! We ran a Live-Fire Scenario Class in WV last weekend, using a building mock-up, cars, and pyrotechnics. Targets, and non-targets, were dressed, foam mannequins with faces. Bombs and smoke everywhere! We tested students’ heart-rate before and after each scenario. As expected, students responded excitedly, even to our artificial/manufactured stress! We were […]

Real Democrats!

12 Oct 15 Last Friday, Democrat presidential candidate, and front-runner in several state races, Bernie Sanders, who cynically describes himself as “pro-hunting,” called for a federal ban on all “semi-automatic” firearms. Of course, like all liberals/Socialists, he never gets specific. His proposed “ban” would limit all us unwashed to bolt-guns, lever-guns, and revolvers! Does his […]


6 Oct 15 IMI Tavor Rifle: Last weekend on the East Coast, we did and Urban Rifle Course. We have several ARs, one Kalashnikov, and one Tavor. This is the latest of a dozen Tavors we’ve had in Class, and all, including this one, have run well. Out of five-hundred rounds fired, there was only […]

Real News!

2 Oct 15 The Real News: While BHO pseudo-sanctimoniously squeals, and lies, about “gun violence,” his true goal is to end all private gun ownership in America by us plebeians, the unwashed masses, as defined by his gang of liberal ‘know-betters.” Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Israel’s arsenal of nuclear-tipped Jericho III […]