15 Oct 15

… while Rome burns!

Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, has advised all Israeli citizens to start carrying guns for personal protection from knife-wielding Palestinian “youths” who are attacking Jewish residents, apparently at random. Wanton attacks are carried out against all Jews, regardless of gender, or age.

Universal concealed carry is the only effective deterrent, indeed the only effective deterrent there has ever been, there or here, and everyone knows it. Curiously, there is no call for “knife-control,” there nor here!

This whole spate of unprovoked attacks, as well as Barkat’s proclamation, are bring ignored, of course, by the liberal American media, because it doesn’t fit their agenda. “Poor Palestinians” have long been the slobbered-over poster-children of liberal American journalists. They only report what they wish were true!

All of us, here and there, need to clear our heads and remind ourselves that we may not just be shot at. Any of us may be attacked, without warning and for no particular reason, at extremely close range, by “misguided youth” who are “crying-out for help” and “just trying to express themselves.”

Over here, as they wink at their own heavily-armed bodyguards, professing Democrat presidential candidates, cheered on my Anderson Cooper and the entire CNN gang (also winking at their own contingent of heavily-armed bodyguards), are doing their best to denigrate honest American gun-owners (who can’t afford bodyguards), along with the NRA and ill-defined “millionaires,” the same ones whom they are, at this very moment, deceitfully hitting-up for campaign contributions.

These nauseating hypocrites have short memories!

Nervous and frightened Americans, like Israelis, are currently in no mood to be told by pseudo-sanctimonious, self-righteous elitists that we “unwashed” are too stupid to own guns.

They seem to have forgotten the meaning of the term, “public servant.” We will remind them a year from now!

“To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth”

Theodore Roosevelt