27 Oct 15

The world’s unarmed face a desperate future!

My Greek friends equate gun bans (the kind currently proposed by the BHO Administration, and that are already in effect in Chicago and NYC) to a personal death sentence. For their fathers and grandfathers, it was!

Fighting Moslem Ottomans, Italian fascists, German Nazis and then Soviet-backed domestic Communists, they know all too well about being first forcibly disarmed, then rounded-up and slaughtered wholesale shortly thereafter!

Currently in Austria and much of Western Europe, guns are being sought by nervous residents as fast as they can purchased, smuggled, or otherwise acquired. Imagine that! Simultaneously in Germany, housing designated for new immigrant “residents” is mysteriously suffering from sweeping arson attacks!

Over here, Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, WY recently held a courageous fundraiser where auctioned-off to the public were Garands, M1As, M-4s, and an extensive selection of pistols, all provided by private donors. When a liberal NYC journalist called the college president and, in a panic, asked why the College would want “more guns on the street,” the president answered:

Ever been to Wyoming son? You ought to come out here sometime!

Of course, the “journalist” had never been west of the Hudson.

Banning guns in NYC and Chicago has turned those places into regular Shangri Las, right? Good luck to all those naive, liberal yuppies in Manhattan!

In rotting big cities nationwide, high-rise “projects,” built at great expense in the 1960s and 70s to house society’s losers, have all been torn down. Apartment complexes, many in suburbs and small towns, are now the new section-eight housing, and drug gangsters have moved right in. No surprise there! So today, your violent crime problem may not be confined to “the bad part of town.” Thanks to “urban planners,” it may be as close as your neighborhood park, street fair, casino, sports event, theater, and mall.

Finally, I just read an editorial where the puerile author claimed that owning and carrying guns provides no enhanced personal security at all, and that gun-owners and carriers are all just naive fools. Well, judging from the number of guns privately owned and sold every day, we have an entire nation of fools, which includes American police officers and federal agents, including the president’s own SS contingent. Fools all!

What does he know that we don’t know?

“Terugbaklei,” in Afrikaans, translates to English as “defiantly fighting back”

In French, it’s “raison d’etre”

It seems this matter of personal safety, dignity, initiative, and audacity is nothing new!

“Armed prophets have been victorious, while unarmed ones have been destroyed”

Niccolo Machiavelli