12 Oct 15

Last Friday, Democrat presidential candidate, and front-runner in several state races, Bernie Sanders, who cynically describes himself as “pro-hunting,” called for a federal ban on all “semi-automatic” firearms.

Of course, like all liberals/Socialists, he never gets specific.

His proposed “ban” would limit all us unwashed to bolt-guns, lever-guns, and revolvers!

Does his ban extend to LEOs?

How about his own bodyguard contingent?

Of course, we don’t get to know any of that!

Typical of liberal “logic,” when a crime is committed, he proposes to punish everyone who didn’t commit a crime! He and his “ruling class,” of course, are never required to obey their own laws.

Sheepish denials notwithstanding, liberal Democrats (is there another kind?) want, and have always wanted, an end to the private ownership of guns by all Americans… all except them!

Who doubt that are naive dupes.

Bernie is at least semi-honest about it!

“Lambs lie down only with well-fed lions, and plowshares, formed from the beaten swords of warriors, are wielded only by slaves.”