Monthly Archives: June 2015

Other Peoples’ Money!

29 June 15 “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.” Margaret Thatcher Greece, Puerto Rico, CA, IL, NY, and Zimbabwe! As Americans today shake their naive, self-righteous fingers at defaulting Greece, we had better take a closer look at Puerto Rico, CA, IL, NY, and several others states, […]

Why is Anyone Surprised?

27 June 15 The Beat Goes On! At a swanky beachside resort in Sousse, Tunisia, a place most Americans have never heard of, but popular with German, English, Irish, French, and other Western European vacationers, yet another major, but unsophisticated, Islamic terrorist attack took place yesterday. And, it was just one of several that made […]


22 June 15 Your Self-Defense Claim, Weak or Strong? Advice to Students of our Art: The decision to “go armed” should not affect your normal routine. That is, you should not go anywhere, nor do anything while armed, that you would not go, nor do, while unarmed. When I hear a student say, “Now that […]


15 June 15 Presidential Politics: In a recent interview with Glen Beck, declared presidential candidate, Ben Carson, said when he was asked if people should be allowed to own “semi-automatic weapons:” “It depends on where you live. I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that semi-automatic […]


11 June 15 Trouble in paradise? From a friend in NY: “In the wake of the news that two dangerous murderers have escaped from one of NY’s ‘maximum security’ prisons, New Yorkers are suddenly frightened! They’re being told to ‘stay indoors,’ and take other comical ‘security precautions’ Adding to their concerns is the impossibly slow, […]

Training for Women!

11 June 15 Women’s Training 7-10 Aug 15 (Fri-Mon), DTI is presenting a first-of-its-kind, on-site Defensive Handgun Training Program for Women at the historic Elk Mountain Hotel, in Elk Mountain, WY The entire Class is taught by Vicki Farnam from DTI, Inc. Susan Prescott-Havers, owner and Chief de Cuisine, has put together a wonderful package […]

Thinking Sheepdog?

10 June 15 Personal Philosophy, from a friend in the UK who has significant interest in American politics: “Show me a selfless politician, working strictly for the common good and defending our individual rights and liberties as citizens, and I will show you a saint! There are precious few! The vast majority unfailingly succumb to […]

“Smart Gun” Implications

9 June 15 More on “smart guns:” The only company that even claims (falsely, as it turns out) to have produced a commercially-viable “smart pistol” (Armatix, a German firm) had gone Chapter 11! After much fanfare, not a single copy of their vaunted “smart pistol” was ever delivered to a retail customer in the USA. […]

Our Constitution in Peril!

8 June 15 “Whenever you hear people talking about ‘a living Constitution,’ invariably they are in the process of slowly killing it by ‘interpreting’ out of existence its restrictions on government.” Thomas Sowell Our Constitution provides for the destruction of each of its elements, and indeed the entirety of itself. The process of destruction is […]

Enforced Helplessness!

7 June 15 Liberal Sen Edward Markey (D/MA) has just introduced a bill that mandates within five years, as yet undefined “personalization technology” on all handguns manufactured within, or imported into, the USA. Such, as yet non-existent, technology is intended to prevent “unauthorized users” (also undefined) from firing these pistols. Like most liberals, the Senator […]

Seventy-One Years Ago!

6 June 15 “Bloody Omaha” On 6 June 1944, Tuesday, seventy-one years ago to the day, German commanders high atop bluffs overlooking what Allied commanders had designated “Omaha Beach” in Normandy gleefully reported back to their superiors that the American Amphibious Invasion had been repulsed, stopped on the beach and going no further. American Sherman […]

Signs, Signs, and more Signs!

3 June 15 “No Guns Allowed” Signs: In Washington DC, and numerous other places where “shall-issue” CCW laws are finally coming into effect, many among the chronically fearful, “only-criminals-should-have-guns” crowd have made it a campaign to encourage retail businesses to post “no guns allowed” signs on their doors and windows. The purpose is, of course, […]