11 June 15

Trouble in paradise?

From a friend in NY:

“In the wake of the news that two dangerous murderers have escaped from one of NY’s ‘maximum security’ prisons, New Yorkers are suddenly frightened!

They’re being told to ‘stay indoors,’ and take other comical ‘security precautions’

Adding to their concerns is the impossibly slow, tortuous process necessary for New Yorkers to own any kind of gun. Carrying concealed is all but impossible. Only the politically ‘connected’ may legally carry. Non-supporters of the current leftist regime need not apply!

Non-gun owners in NY are compelled to remain disarmed, as they wait to be murdered. NY’s bureaucracies must tediously review each resident’s ‘Application To Remain Alive,’ in order to to determine the applicant’s’ ‘worthiness,’ to be considered by the State to be slightly more than ‘expendable.'”

Comment: While all this is going on, politicians and bureaucrats are heavily arming themselves with all kinds of heavy weapons about which mere peons can only dream. They exempt themselves from their own laws. You can count on it, as it is a dependable hallmark of Socialist hypocrites.

The rest of us must “apply,” and “prove” we are worthy to be allowed to remain alive, and then we get to wait and wait.

When innocents are murdered while interminably waiting for applications to be approved, the whole charade becomes a moot point, at least for the prematurely departed.

Murdered citizens?

The response from politicians, safe and secure behind a literal army of heavily-armed bodyguards, is always something like:

“You call THIS a Martini?”

“Without its tough spearmen, Hellenic culture would have had nothing to give the world, because it would not have lasted long enough. When Greek culture became so sophisticated that its common men would no longer fight to the death, as their fathers had at Thermopylae, but became devious and clever, a horde of Roman farm boys overran them.”

TR Fehrenbach