7 June 15

Liberal Sen Edward Markey (D/MA) has just introduced a bill that mandates within five years, as yet undefined “personalization technology” on all handguns manufactured within, or imported into, the USA.

Such, as yet non-existent, technology is intended to prevent “unauthorized users” (also undefined) from firing these pistols.

Like most liberals, the Senator is a life-long politician, having never held a productive, private-sector job in his life. Yet, he apparently loves to terrorize beleaguered, already over-regulated private industry into “inventing” a mythical technology that he leisurely hypothesizes will prevent gun accidents.

Supporters of this absurd legislation know full well that delusional technology necessary to meet their “standards” does not exist today, will not exist in five years, nor in fifty years! So, in five years, all guns will be effectively banned, to the surprise of no one. Enforced helplessness has always been their true, and only real, goal.

Of course, the Senator’s bodyguards will be exempt. These hypocrites never require themselves to obey their own laws!

Untold billions have already been foolishly squandered on “smart-gun technology” over at least the past several decades. As a result of all this, no product that is even close to satisfactory as a piece of emergency/safety equipment has ever been produced. Every one of these politically-motivated projects has thus disappointingly expired, having never gotten off the ground.

The Senator, with the help of tax dollars, now thinks he can magically resurrect this rotting cadaver, this wet-dream of liberals!

He would be more successful mandating a federal “ban” on suffering and death in general!

While never lifting a finger themselves, of course, nor having the slightest idea of how to actually make anything, liberals love to put pressure on the hapless private sector, those despised and hated capitalists, to do the impossible.

Maybe, in the unlikely event liberal politicians themselves ever actually produce anything useful, they may get an inkling of just how difficult it already is to succeed in our ever-detested, ever-scorned private sector.

Ivory-tower liberals/socialists thus do not deserve, nor enjoy, my respect, and never will. They obviously all harbor a sinister, vile hatred toward honest and decent American gun-owners, like me, and I’m afraid I take that personally!

“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.”

John Ruskin

Denizens of ivory-towers, of course, will never know!