9 June 15

More on “smart guns:”

The only company that even claims (falsely, as it turns out) to have produced a commercially-viable “smart pistol” (Armatix, a German firm) had gone Chapter 11!

After much fanfare, not a single copy of their vaunted “smart pistol” was ever delivered to a retail customer in the USA. They couldn’t give these things away! No one wants this dubious gimmick.

Consider that the only function such technology contributes to a weapon is the ability to make it not work. It surely doesn’t make the weapon more reliable, durable, effective, nor user-friendly.

Such disablement can be intentional, or inadvertent, including battery failure, sensor(s) failure, et al.

Reliable? Who cares? When it fails, they’ll all be indemnified for resulting deaths of innocents, no matter how many are slaughtered.

Why should you be concerned? Only your life depends on it!

Looking at it through the eyes of liberal politicians, why stop at disabling locally (via interaction with the operator)?

How long will it be before they propose a mandatory “command signal” under the direction of some bureaucracy that they control? So-called “smart-gun” technology has nothing to do with “gun safety,” but is rather about disabling people’s weapons at the press of a button!

“Safe” guns will no longer work in shopping malls, nor in your neighborhood when politicians are visiting, nor on certain days of the week, ad nauseam!

More “common sense” restrictions:

Your gun will be automatically disabled when you try to fire more than two rounds per minute.

Your gun will be automatically disabled when you attempt to fire in the dark.

Your gun will be automatically disabled when you become a member of certain religions or political organizations.

Your gun will be disabled when you buy it, and you’ll have to “apply,” via a twenty-page form to have it “activated.” Until then, it is little more than a bar of soap. Better not leave any space blank!

The foregoing nightmare represents a wet-dream for tyrants wannabes. They can’t wait!

“I wish I had known firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople while I was a US Senator and later a presidential nominee. That knowledge would have made me a better legislator and a more worthy aspirant to the White House.”

The late George McGovern, liberal Democrat, after retiring from politics and, for the first time in his life, trying (unsuccessfully) to run a small business.

Gee George, we “little people” actually have lives too.

Imagine that!