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More on Our Un-Armed “Forces”

30 June 14 Un-armed Forces! From a friend and student, currently on active duty with the USAF: “Air Force Instruction 31-117: ‘Senior military and civilian officials may not bear government-owned firearms for personal protection within the United States’ So, we can only be armed while deployed overseas: Overseas commanders may authorize senior military and civilian […]

Additional rifle Comments

28 June 14 “Fate makes no appointments, nor does it wait on any man! You have to be alert and ready the instant it arrives. Even then, there are no guarantees!” Anon More comments on modern military rifles, from friends in the industry: “Several decades ago, ‘light’ sporting rifles, intended for rough-country and mountain hunting, […]

Setting the Example!

28 June 14 Watch These Experts! In a local newspaper photo, a recent Marine “change of command” ceremony at Robins AFB in GA is depicted in enough detail to clearly reveal that at least two uniformed Marines are carrying M9 (Beretta 92F) pistols in fabric, flap belt-holsters. All look snappy, but (I wish I were […]

Plastics/polymers and Serious Rifles

27 June 14 Plastics and serious rifles, from a friend and manufacturer: “Use of polymers in firearms has become commonplace. With serious rifles, plastic lower receivers may be arguable, but using plastic structural components to support the barrel is extremely unwise, yet both H&K and Beretta have done this. Plastic is suitable for parts of […]


20 June 14 Follow-up: This from a friend and student, who is Jewish: “Boys (and most of the girls) in our Congregation have to qualify with the pistol, and fam-fire a rifle and shotgun, before their Bar-Mitzvah. All men are requested to carry during services and meetings. Most do.” My reply: “Can I join?” Comment: […]

Never Again?

20 June 14 Anti-Jewish? Leftists in general, and the BHO Administration in particular, have become a cheering section for the PLO and Islam, while never passing-up an opportunity to reprimand Israel. Today, Jewish students in American colleges and universities are openly terrorized by Palestinian students and Palestinian campus organizations (mostly attending at American taxpayer expense). […]

On the Ground in Iraq

19 June 14 Report from the ground in Iraq! This from a friend and contractor, now in Iraq: “John, Iran has sent troops across the border into Iraq. They’re here! Huge stockpiles of US armor, weapons, heavy artillery, mortars, armored vehicles, tanks, the entire main weapons depot and the main helicopter base, have been captured, […]


18 June 14 Devil Dog Arms, of Lake Zurich, IL “The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle!” Pershing I met fellow former Marine, Joe Lucania, at the SHOT Show in January. Not surprisingly, I found him to be a person I instantly liked! He builds ARs, Devil Dog Arms, intended […]


16 June 14 Situation summery, Iraq, from a friend in the System: “Shia President Maliki is not up to this task (nor any other). Never was, no more than is the disorganized hoard of fleeing mice that is now his ‘army.’ So, continue to expect nothing from the Iraqi Government. Eventually, Sunni tribes and former […]

When it’s least expected….!

13 June 14 Ready or Not? Yesterday, in Philadelphia, PA, two elderly men emerged from local gunshop/indoor range and were robbed, at gunpoint, in the parking lot as they approached their vehicle. Two suspects, one male and one female, confronted the two victims and ultimately stole several guns from them. For their cooperation (being “good […]


9 June 14 CCW Naivety: The vast majority of state CCW licensees are genuinely “good” people, but many have had precious little relevant training, and much of it fraught with errors and unrealistic expectations. For example, many naively believe: 1) When they see “bad things” happening in public places (which don’t involve them directly) that […]


7 June 14 “If money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. Your only real security is a strong reserve of knowledge, experience, energy, and ability.” Henry Ford Inflation is alive and well! I just booked a flight to the East Coast for later this month. I do it at this time […]


3 June 14 “Improved” AR? At a cost of 120m, the Pentagon is converting its current inventory of M4s to the new “M4A1.” Slightly thicker barrel, genuine full-auto capability (not the ridiculous “three-round burst”), ambidextrous manual safety, and a few other minor, mostly cosmetic, changes. Of course, 120m is chump-change by federal standards, but it […]