30 June 14

Un-armed Forces!

From a friend and student, currently on active duty with the USAF:

“Air Force Instruction 31-117:

‘Senior military and civilian officials may not bear government-owned firearms for personal protection within the United States’

So, we can only be armed while deployed overseas:

Overseas commanders may authorize senior military and civilian officials to carry firearms for personal protection in ‘high-threat’ areas, but this is done on a ‘case-by-case’ basis, so the value of your life is always determined by others. In ‘safe’ areas, everyone is helpless, by regulation. Of course, star-wearers keep guns for themselves. The rest of us are cannon-fodder.

Rifles with which we were supplied in Afghanistan (in an “unsafe” area) were ageing, iron-sighted M-16A2s, with only two magazines for each. We were never given an opportunity to even function-test any of them, much less zero them. We had no idea where they shot, so they were close to useless all the time we had them.

Simultaneously, contractors were bristling with brand-new SIGs, Glocks, M4s, and slick optics, all with plenty of magazines. Obviously, the only way to be halfway prepared is to leave our ‘armed’ forces and go private!

Stateside ‘security’ forces are ‘armed’ while on duty, but no round is ever chambered, nor are any of them ever provided with training on actually drawing the pistol from a holster. They dutifully give-up their pistols the instant they leave duty status. Off-duty, they’re as helpless as the rest of us!

In summary, we are exactly as we were before both Ft Hood incidents. And, nobody cares!

Your faithful un-armed ‘forces.’”

Comment: In BHO’s un-armed “forces,” careers matter. Lives don’t. How I wish I didn’t have to say it!

“When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares it his ‘duty.’”

Apollodorus (Played by Stuart Granger) in the 1945 feature film, “Caesar and Cleopatra,” also staring Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh