20 June 14


This from a friend and student, who is Jewish:

“Boys (and most of the girls) in our Congregation have to qualify with the pistol, and fam-fire a rifle and shotgun, before their Bar-Mitzvah.

All men are requested to carry during services and meetings. Most do.”

My reply:

“Can I join?”

Comment: The worst enemy Jews have are Jewish politicians, whose real “religion” is liberal, secular pacifism.

They cynically offer the rest of us a “ride-on-the-train” too. For one, I politely decline!

“Liberal, Secular Pacifism” translates loosely to “Suicide, by Other Means!”

The entire Middle East is currently descending into deadly chaos, mostly due to shaky, weak, floundering “leadership” in all of Western Civilization, particularly the USA.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, et al, and particularly Israel, had better all be worried. Western Europe too!

As individuals, Jewish or otherwise, we’re all on our own. When BHO and HRC refuse to so much as lift a finger as their own people are murdered, how much do you think they care about the rest of us?

It’s going to be exciting!

“When there is a lack of honor in government, the morals of the whole people are poisoned.”

Herbert Hoover