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From a friend in-country:

30 Aug 13 From a friend in-country: “The battle at an outpost on 03 Oct 2009 in Kamdesh, Afganistan produced the first two living Medal of Honor recipients, for the same action, since the end of the Vietnam War. SSGT Clinton Romesha received the medal in Feb of 2013, and SSGT Ty Carter was awarded […]


28 Aug 13 “Regrets? I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention!” From “My Way,” written by Paul Anka in 1967. Most popular rendition was Frank Sinatra’s in 1969 “I am Soldier of Fortune, Dancing with Devils,” Bob Brown’s new book, just published I’ve known Bob Brown, and counted him among my […]

The truth comes out, by accident!

26 Aug 13 The truth comes out, by accident! Otherwise, little more that a willing participant in the DNC’s leftist propaganda, HBO recently did a piece on a famous home-invasion/murder in CT in 2007. I’m sure it was not their intention, but they made a persuasive case for citizens going armed! Two recently-paroled losers, armed […]