28 Aug 13

“Regrets? I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention!”

From “My Way,” written by Paul Anka in 1967. Most popular rendition was Frank Sinatra’s in 1969

“I am Soldier of Fortune, Dancing with Devils,” Bob Brown’s new book, just published

I’ve known Bob Brown, and counted him among my friends, for nearly forty years, since shortly after I returned from Vietnam and went into business as a private trainer. I got into the training business, and he got in to the publishing business, about the same time.

Since then, I’ve periodically consulted with him and have written several articles for his famous magazine, “Soldier of Fortune.” We still get together every so often, although we’re both busy.

Bob’s new book is an autobiography, a chronicle of his life, military career, publishing career, and continuous, rollicking adventure as chief editor of what was, and still is, a controversial magazine.

As long as I’ve known him, Bob has never been a practitioner of “paperwork research.” He has always insisted on physically being there, even at significant personal risk. As a result, his publishing career has taken him to nearly every dangerous, disgusting, smelly, bug-infested, disease-ridden thug-ocracy this rotten world has to offer. In whatever global sewer he found armed conflict, he was there to experience it personally and then publish the “inside story.”

Like me, Bob has seen, first hand, what Communists do to people, and he knows them for what they are. Thus, his staunch, uncompromising anti-Communist stance has gained him few friends among liberals in this Country, even fewer up the food-chain of our military bureaucracy.

However, in his book, Bob does not portray himself as a flawless saint, fearlessly doing battle with global evildoers. His life is filled with mistakes and regrets, failures and warts, triumphs and disasters, and he describes them all frankly and candidly. He doesn’t blame others for his flaws. He owns-up to all of them. He doesn’t think of himself as any kind of hero, just an ordinary guy doing his best to proclaim and defend the truth.

But, in his own words, “I… make no apologies”

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