26 Aug 13

The truth comes out, by accident!

Otherwise, little more that a willing participant in the DNC’s leftist propaganda, HBO recently did a piece on a famous home-invasion/murder in CT in 2007. I’m sure it was not their intention, but they made a persuasive case for citizens going armed!

Two recently-paroled losers, armed with a bludgeon, duct-tape, and gasoline, invaded an upscale home. Some accounts claim they had a gun. Most others make no mention of it. In any event, no one in the home had a gun, nor access to one. That proved a fatal omission!

The father of the house was severely beaten and tied-up, but he escaped into the basement and called police. Police arrived quickly, appropriately dressed-up in full, battle regalia!

As is typical of politicians, the mayor later postured and then lied about the police response, insisting his officers arrived “too late to save anyone.” Yet, he stonewalled inquiries from surviving members of the family. They eventually had to sue to PD, and the State Police, to get access to the real record of the incident. These days, such cover-up is standard procedure. They love to call it “transparency!”

As it turns out, police arrived in plenty of time to stop the murdering, but took no action, despite the fact that they could hear women, including an eleven-year-old, inside the house screaming and begging for their lives, as they were raped, beaten, bound, and then doused with gasoline and set on fire. It is obvious police saw their duty as beginning and ending with merely waiting until it was all over and then arresting suspects, which was subsequently accomplished without incident. No attempt was ever made to intervene on behalf of victims.

Both suspects have since been convicted and sentenced to “death,” but we all know what that means. Both have a vastly greater chance of dying of old-age, while sitting on death-row, than they do of actually being executed. If they are ever executed, we will all be long-since dead and buried before it happens!

We’ve been led to believe that such timid, impotent, blundering, indeed cowardly, police responses had ended with the disastrous Columbine fiasco in CO in 1999. We were supposed to have learned our lesson. Yet, we saw the exact same thing at Virginia Tech, and similar incidents since, including this one. To be sure, there have also been courageous rescues by heroic officers, but consuming risk-aversion still rules the kingdom in many jurisdictions.

Audacious police chiefs and sheriffs (many of my friends) and others are doing their best to reverse this policy of what has been called “tactical loitering.” But, it is apparently an uphill battle, actively opposed by risk-averse administrators, politicians, even some individual officers. Of course, these people are the same ones who simultaneously insist that we mere peons don’t need guns!

Had anyone is the house been appropriately armed and trained, the two perpetrators in question would have easily been dispatched to the ME’s office, and we would have been subsequently treated to never-ending “specials” on the leftist media about how these two, poor suspects had an unhappy childhood, and how the (alive and well) residents participated in “vigilante justice,” ad nauseam!

The point is, and unintentionally conceded by HBO… we’re on our own! Anyone who is betting his life on the probability of being “rescued,” in the nick of time, having made no personal preparations, is willfully engaging in self-deception.

The unarmed/unprepared need to wake-up. “Good enough” never is!

“Listen, when you can’t spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table, then you are the sucker!”

Mike McDermott (played by Matt Damon) in the 1998 feature film, “Rounders”